Very quietly and without fanfare, Japan has strengthened its military forces to the point that it now becomes “the fourth most powerful military” force in the world (first link). It is also embarking on weapons-procurement programs that will make its military forces much more powerful.

It is not surprising that Japan would build a large armed force given its geographical position in the world. It is located near China and off the east coast of Russia, two of the superpower military nations on the earth. Those two nations, along with the USA, surely constitute the top three conventional military powers in the world today. Given the rapid militarization of China, Japan has no choice but to beef up its military forces if it wishes to stay an independent nation. The first link has several items very worthy of mention. It stated that Japan’s defense budget for 2019 is $900 billion. If that figure is correct, that it a sum larger than the proposed new US military budget for 2019 (which is circa $750 billion)! That means that Japan would likely have the largest reported defense budget of any nation on earth in the next year. Keep in mind that when I write “reported” military budget, I regard Russia’s and China’s military budgets as being substantially understated. Another reason why Russia’s and China’s military budgets sound artificially low is that these autocratic nations don’t need to worry about “paying union wages” on their defense contractors.

Where is Japan’s emphasis in their military build-up plans? The first link reports that some areas include purchasing mid-and long-range cruise missiles, supersonic glide bombs, hypersonic missiles which can travel at least Mach 5, new American-made F-35Bs which are naval variants of the F-35 airframe, etc. Japan is also purchasing new Joint Strike Missiles for the F-35s it is ordering for its military forces (more on that shortly). The size of Japan’s new military budget allows for massive increases in military power in all types of weapons, but let’s examine just a few of them in greater detail. It is clear that Japan is building or buying cruise missiles that can penetrate deep into China in the event of a war.  Guess which nation is selling to Japan its new Joint Strike Missiles? The second link and third link reveal it is NATO-member, Norway, which is building these new missiles for Japan. These missiles are very important to all nations that will use the new F-35 warplane as this new long-range missile will fit inside the fuselage of the F-35 so its stealth capabilities are not compromised. These links do not mention a range for these new missiles, but I found a link which did offer that information. The fourth link states that this Norwegian-built missile has a range of 550 km and that Japan is building domestically-made cruise missiles that will travel an unspecified distance further than 400 km. The fourth link also has interesting related links about Japanese military programs and priorities. It is also worth mentioning that, nations rarely ever give the true extent of their new weapon’s capabilities. This means that these new cruise missiles being bought from Norway by Japan may actually have a significantly longer actual range than the stated range.

Japan could not buy cruise missiles of that range from the USA yet because the USA is bound by an arms treaty with the former USSR that limits medium-range missiles with certain ranges. President Trump has served notice that the USA is voiding that treaty, and one reason is that China and Iran are not bound by those limitations. I’m so glad the modern Norwegians, the modern descendants of the ancient Vikings, stepped forth to build those medium range cruise missiles for Japan. As soon as the treaty expiration period is reached for these missiles and the USA is not bound by any range limits for cruise missiles, I expect the USA will also make such missiles or simply co-produce the missile now being built by the Norwegians.

The fifth link reports that Japan is going to do something that I wrote in previous posts would almost surely be done. Japan is buying F-35B warplanes from the USA to equip their “flat-top destroyers” (i.e. helicopter carriers) to handle and serve F-35B warplanes. In other words, Japan will be converting their helicopter carriers to aircraft carriers when this plan is implemented. I believe that Japan has two such carriers at present so they will possess two aircraft carriers as soon as this action is taken.

Even if Japan is the fourth largest military force in terms of conventional weapons, Japan has no nuclear weapons at present. Its Constitution does not allow it to have nuclear weaponry, but as China’s militarism continues, it is likely only a matter of time until Japan is forced by circumstances to “go nuclear.” It has long had enough civilian nuclear reactors to produce weapons-grade fissile materials, and it clearly has the technology to build nuclear weaponry of all types. As Wikipedia observes in the sixth link, it has been observed that Japan may already only be “a screwdriver’s turn” away from having a stockpile of nuclear weapons. This euphemism means that Japan could have already built the components for workable nuclear weapons, but it can plausibly deny it has nuclear weapons because it hasn’t actually assembled the components together yet. Given the need for deterrence, Japan may at some future point announce it is a nuclear power in order to deter China and Russia from attacking it. If the USA ever has the misfortune to elect a socialist/leftist president, Japan’s need to go nuclear will be greatly accelerated. Concerning other nuclear powers in the world, the United Kingdom and France are NATO allies of the USA that have nuclear weapons. Israel is widely assumed to have nuclear weapons and they are a US ally. Pakistan is an ally of China so its nukes are allied to China’s nukes. India, threatened by both China and Pakistan, is also a nuclear power and it is drawing steadily closer to the USA and other western nations.

It’s amazing how a few decades can see dramatic changes in national alliances. In World War II, the USA was allied to China and Russia vs. Japan and Germany. Today, the USA is allied to Japan and Germany against Russia and China. Japan has emerged as a particularly stalwart ally of the USA. I believe that Japan’s role as an ally of the USA and the Western nations was prophesied in the Bible in the latter-day prophecy found in Ezekiel 38-39.  If you would like to see the reasons why this assertion can be made, please read my free articles, Japan’s Role in Prophecy, What Ezekiel 38-39 Reveal about a Future World War III, and (to firmly document that we are living in the “latter day” time frame given for Ezekiel 38-39), see also my article, Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days?

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  6. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japan_and_weapons_of_mass_destruction 

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This post is to alert readers to a new movie which will have a limited release during April 9-13 of this year. I just found out about this new movie, which looks quite impressive and well worth seeing. The trailer for the movie is in the link below as well as a second segment which shows additional scenes from the movie. This movie tells the story of Noah and the Ark by presenting a live theater performance as a movie. The trailer shows actors, animals, and even birds all on the stage together. In the two segments, I saw horses, llamas, camels, birds and even a giant tortoise on stage with the actors. The closing scene presented in the trailer presents one of the biggest stage scene sets I’ve ever seen in my life.

The movie appears to be faithful to two aspects of biblical accounts of the Flood. It depicts Noah trying to warn a ruler of his time about the impending disaster, which had to happen during Noah’s real lifetime. II Peter 2:5 states Noah was a “preacher of righteousness” in his day, so he had to have warned rulers and commoners alike. A brief scene in the movie also indicates to me that the movie seeks to foreshadow the development of mankind’s racial differences in the post-Flood world by showing Noah’s three sons with wives of diverse races.

This looks like a very riveting presentation of the story of Noah and the Ark if these sample segments are any indication. Indeed, the segments create the impression that this movie will be a visual spectacle to be remembered! I hope the movie lives up to the expectations it has instilled in me. I certainly intend to see it as I consulted the theater’s link and found a theater in my city which is showing the movie on April 9, 11 and 13. If you have an interest in seeing this movie, I urge you to visit the indicated link to see if a theater in your area is also showing the movie. I do not know if this movie is being released only in the USA or it is being shown in other nations as well.

With the increasing efforts of the godless Left and humanist globalists to discredit the Bible, Christianity and the reality of a Living God, this kind of movie should, in my opinion, be enjoyed while such a movie can still be made and presented. This looks like a great movie to take children to as it will serve as a valuable teaching lesson for a very important biblical historical lesson.

Thank God for America’s First Amendment to the Constitution. While Americans (and hopefully people in other nations) will be able to see the movie, I can think of a number of nations where this movie would be censored so people in those nations would never be allowed to see this movie. I think Christians should patronize such efforts to bring Christian themes to the big screen. If a large number of people see the movie, perhaps more Biblically-thematic movies will be made in the future.

Please do yourself a favor and view the two previewed segments in the link below! 


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Christians who study biblical prophecy have one overriding question that trumps all other questions about the future. That question is: When will Jesus Christ’s Second Coming occur? During his human lifetime, his disciples directly asked him that question as well (Matthew 24:3, Mark 13:4). Jesus’ answer was deliberately vague. He told them that the day or hour of his return was not only not known by any man, but also that even the angels of heaven did not possess that knowledge (Mark 13:30-33). Jesus’ answer said even he did not then have that knowledge, and that only the Father knew the answer to that question. However, Jesus did give a strong hint about the general timing of his return once the latter days of our age had arrived. This post is to give readers a commentary about his hint because we are now undoubtedly living in the latter days of this age. if any reader has doubts about that fact, please read my article, Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days? for clear biblical evidence supporting that assertion.

Let’s look at Jesus’ hint and also at two passages in the writings of the Apostles Paul and Peter who repeated Jesus’ hint in their epistles. We need to take this hint very seriously for it is also a warning to all believers. Jesus compared the timing of his Second Coming to the arrival of a “thief” who makes a surprise entry into a house during the night (Matthew 24:43). During a discourse in I Thessalonians 4:16-5:11 about the latter days and the return of Jesus Christ, Paul likened Jesus’ Return as being like the arrival of a “thief in the night” (I Thessalonians 5:2). Peter also addressed the same subject in II Peter 3:3-10 wherein he cites the question of scoffers who say “Where is the promise of his [Jesus Christ’s] coming?” In verse 10, Peter also says the “day of the Lord” (and the return of Jesus Christ) will come like “as a thief in the night.”

If a thief came into your residence in a home invasion, it would surely be an unexpected and shocking surprise. It may also occur at a time in the night when you were sleeping. Both these qualities will characterize Jesus Christ’s Second Coming. Not only will the world as a whole be surprised and shocked, but so will Jesus’ own followers. Let’s consider how this could possibly occur.

Serious students of biblical prophecy are aware that there are a variety of prophetic timetables that offer some possibility for calculating latter-day events. Revelation 13:1-4 reveals the time of the beast’s reign on earth before Christ returns will be 42 months. The ministry of the Two Witnesses (see my article, The Two Witnesses) will be 1,260 days (Revelation 11:3). Daniel 12:9-13 includes two cryptic periods of latter-day time tables that will equal 1,290 and 1,335 days. Daniel 12:7 and Revelation 12:14 mention a cryptic period lasting “a time, times and half a time.” Different authors, scholars, and denominations have varying interpretations about these timetables and what major events are attached to their significance. Over the decades, I’ve heard or read many opinions about “what has to happen” according to these timetables “before Jesus Christ can return.” The expectations of many Christians who take prophecy seriously have been formed by sermons, lectures, and articles on the subject. I’d like to challenge these expectations. It may shock some people, but Jesus Christ himself said that strictly relying on biblical timetables to calculate expectations about when he will return will result in erroneous conclusions. Jesus addressed this subject specifically in his parable of the ten virgins in Matthew 25:1-13. In this parable, Jesus likens his latter-day followers to ten virgins who are expecting a “bridegroom” (Christ) to come for them in the morning. Since they “know” his scheduled arrival is not scheduled to happen until the next morning, they all go to sleep. At midnight (quite early in the nighttime sequence), they are roused from sleep by the shocking and unexpectedly early arrival of the “bridegroom” (Jesus Christ). Half the “virgins” have enough “oil” in their lamps to go meet the bridegroom, but half do not and their lamps “go out” before Jesus comes. Jesus warns that the virgins (real latter-day believers) with insufficient oil will be excluded from the marriage feast (or “wedding supper of the lamb” as it is called in Revelation 19:9). Notice that all the latter-day believers (whether they had plenty of oil or not enough oil) are asleep when the bridegroom arrives on the scene. None of them expect Jesus Christ to return as early as he does.

How could all latter-day believers be oblivious to the reality that Jesus Christ’s return is imminent? I would suggest to you that they all assumed that their expectations about “when Jesus could come” were based on biblically-revealed timetables. They “knew,” based on their calculations, that Jesus Christ “couldn’t come” until certain prophesied events and timetables occurred first. However, Jesus will shock them all when he returns considerably earlier than any of them anticipated. How can this be? I believe this will happen because few take seriously what Jesus himself stated in Matthew 24: 21-22. In that passage, Jesus prophesied them that a time of “great tribulation” would occur in the latter days that would be so severe that “except those days be shortened, there should no flesh be saved.” The Greek word translated “days” in this passage is the same Greek word translated “days” in Revelation 11:3, 6, 9 and 11 where the same word pertains to latter-day prophetic timetables. What Jesus was warning in Matthew 24:22-23 is that his return will come before the prophetic timetables are fulfilled! Notice also the word “days” is plural so that leaves a lot of leeway in when Jesus Christ will return. Will he return two or three days before prophetic timetables are fulfilled or will he return 1,000 days before they are fulfilled? Either is possible because they are both a plurality of days. In Matthew 24:22, Jesus Christ tells us that there is actually room in God’s plan for Jesus Christ to come much earlier than the prophetic timetables would indicate. In other words, God’s divine intervention is not bound by the prophetic timetables. Matthew 24:22 tells us why Jesus will return earlier than biblical prophecies indicate. That verse tells us that if he waited until the prophetic timetables were fully completed, he would be returning to a dead earth because nothing would be left alive. Isaiah 2:1-4 tells us that there will still be plenty of people alive on earth when the Messianic Age/Millennium begins because there will then still be “nations” on earth. Zechariah 14:16-19 prophesy that all the nations on earth will send people to attend the Feast of Tabernacles at that time. Revelation 2:26 also prophesies there will be enough people on earth to constitute the nations that will be ruled by the saints. In other words, Jesus Christ is going to return long before the latter-day events become so cataclysmic that all life or “the nations” would be exterminated on the earth.

In Matthew 24:22-23, Jesus Christ stated that despite whatever is prophesied in latter-day prophetic timetables, he reserves the right to come as early as he needs to prevent mankind from annihilating itself. Such extermination could easily come from a global World War III getting out of control or it could come from an innocuous event in some secret laboratory where a wrong-headed experiment could set off, for example, a matter-antimatter reaction that would consume the planet.  Let’s speculate on how this could occur. The Hadron Supercollider/CERN project in Europe is probing ever-deeper into the sub-atomic realm that God created. The scientists there are essentially “mining” the uttermost sub-atomic limits of the physical universe as they seek to find what is “on the other side” of what string-theory scientists would call a “membrane” between dimensions. This may have a catastrophic outcome they do not anticipate. I’ll offer a possibility for your consideration. The link below explains that scientists’ equations about the origin of the physical universe state that an equal amount of matter and anti-matter (sub-atomic particles equal to “matter” particles but with opposite charge) should have been created. No one knows what happened to the missing equal amount of anti-matter, but it is known that when such opposite particles come in contact, they destroy each other. You can do a web search for “Where is the missing anti-matter?” to see how many scientific articles have been written on this subject. Genesis 1:1 states God “created the heaven [singular] and the earth,” but Genesis 2:1 states that after Creation week, God had created “the heavens [plural] and the earth.” I have traditionally believed that this verse referring to plural heavens referred to our atmosphere, outer space, and the spirit world. That may be the case, but what if all that missing anti-matter was placed by God just outside our dimension and separated from our dimension so we do not instantly annihilate our dimension and whatever is “on the other side” of what God has created?

Please understand that I am not stating that this specific possibility will be the reason why Jesus Christ returns. I’m trying to point out one example of how Jesus Christ might have to return at a time when no one on the earth is expecting him. As mankind continues to learn how the Creator put this universe together, sinful mankind might make a terrible mistake applying forbidden knowledge to a real-world experiment. I Timothy 3:1-9 gives a litany of the evils that will increasingly characterize mankind as the latter days progress to the end of the age. Please read through that list and consider the question: Do you trust increasingly evil mankind to do what is right with forbidden knowledge about how our universe was assembled? I think the answer to that question indicates that mankind may do something so deliberately evil or stupid that Jesus Christ has to return quickly to stop mankind from destroying itself in a way that does not involve warfare.

There are a variety of reasons that could necessitate the early return of Jesus Christ. What is clear is that Jesus Christ foretold he would be forced to come sooner than the prophetic timetables would indicate in order to save mankind and “all flesh.”  Matthew 24:44 and 25:13 tell us it is far more important to be spiritually “ready” for Jesus Christ’s return than to be able to predict the day of his return. It is also evident that Jesus Christ stated he would come sooner than his followers expected in the latter days, not later. For additional in-depth information about Jesus Christ’s warnings to the churches about the latter days and their readiness for his return, please read my articles, Jesus Christ’s Five Warnings to Latter-Day Believers.


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US President Donald Trump reversed past US policies and recognized Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights, which Israel won in a war in 1967. It has been Israeli territory for more than a half-century, and claims of others to the contrary exists only in fantasies espoused by Israel’s enemies. Trump’s proclamation came as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was visiting the USA, and Netanyahu stated to Trump: “Mr. President…Israel has never had a better friend than you” (first link). Besides recognizing Israeli ownership of the Golan, Trump has renounced the Iranian treaty that was anti-Israeli and anti-American and moved the formal US embassy to Jerusalem–recognizing it as Israel’s capital city. Since no previous American president took such actions, Netanyahu’s praise seems quite apt. However, the Trump-Netanyahu meetings were cut short when Hamas began another round of firing rockets into Israel in the hopes of killing Israelis and doing significant damage. The second link offers a report on the status of the hostilities as this post was being written. Reports of an Egyptian-brokered cease-fire have so far proven to be premature as Hamas rockets continue to be fired at Israel and Israel retaliates with air attacks on targets in Gaza. The second link has a variety of visual items including details of a Hamas rocket which landed near a FOX News crew. One Hamas rocket destroyed an Israeli home, peppered 30 others with shrapnel and hit cars with shrapnel as well.
The third link contains Netanyahu’s condemnation of the Hamas attack as well as the information that Israel is sending two combat brigades to the Gaza-Israeli border region. This may be the prelude to another Israeli-Hamas war. It is not yet clear if this initial exchange of fire will escalate into open warfare or whether it will be defused. What is very interesting to me is that while in the past, a host of Islamic nations would rush to condemn Israel whenever an Israeli-Hamas battle erupted, this time the Islamic opposition is muted. It seems to be limited to just Turkey, Iran and Syria, according to the fourth link. This is significant. Iran and Syria are in the Shiite Islamic bloc, to which Russia is allied, and Turkey is sliding into Moscow’s orbit with its purchase of a Russian air defense system constructed to shoot down NATO aircraft. How long Turkey will be allowed to stay in NATO given its anti-NATO stance is a valid question. What is significant is that the Sunni Arab nations are offering little or no opposition to Israel’s response to the attack by Hamas. I think this is a clear indication that the Sunni Arab nations, threatened by Iran, have no motive to help Hamas, which has been cozy with Iran. It also indicates that Israel and the Sunni Arab nations are steadily assuming the position of allies against Iran and its proxies.
It has long been stated and assumed that Hamas is obtaining its missiles and rockets from Iran via smuggling operations and via building rockets of Iranian design inside Gaza. Did Iran order this latest Hamas rocket attack vs Israel? The fifth link offers a report from the Israeli media that Iran did order this Hamas strike. Indeed, it cites senior leaders in Hamas as openly acknowledging that Iran ordered this rocket attack on Israel. The motive given was to hurt Netanyahu’s re-election chances in the pending election to be held in Israel. It is my view that this attack will likely have the opposite effect. By focusing on the gravity of the threat Israel faces from hostile neighboring border regions, it will likely focus the Israeli voters’ attention on security issues–which should help Netanyahu.
The claim that Iran directed this rocket attack vs. Israel significantly raises the stakes in this latest confrontation. Rather than this latest confrontation being a result of the longstanding Israeli-Hamas animus, it means that Iran has chosen this moment to advance its stated agenda of wiping Israel “off the map.” This also means that Israel has every right to retaliate militarily against Iran for this attack as it has reason to believe that Iran ordered it. It is not certain that Israel will do such a strike, but it has ample justification to do so at the present time. The Iranian backing of this latest Hamas attack makes the situation perhaps more likely to progress into a larger Mideastern war, but I suspect that none of the major potential combatants really wants one at this time. However, that is just my guess; we’ll have to wait and see what happens. It is likely that Iran was simply testing Israel’s resolve at this time when Israel’s population is divided into separate electorate camps during the current election campaign.
The continuing conflicts along Israel’s border with Hamas and the American recognition over Israel’s sovereignty in the Golan do have a Biblically-prophetic significance. In many previous posts over the years, I’ve called attention to the prophecy in Zephaniah 2:1-11 which foretold that in the latter days of this age (i.e. “before the day of the Lord’s anger”), the Jews (“Judah”)  would again have a national homeland of their own in the former Promised Land. This ancient prophecy accurately predicted that the new Jewish nation would include the Mediterranean coastland and the city of Ashkelon. This approximately 2600-year-old prophecy was precisely fulfilled in 1948 when the new Jewish nation was founded. Its new territory included the Mediterranean Sea coastland and the city of Ashkelon. This precise fulfillment proves that only a Creator God with the power to control the fates of nations could have authored this ancient biblical prophecy. However, there is one aspect of Zephaniah’s prophecy which is often overlooked, but it is very germane to the current Israeli-Hamas conflict near the Gaza border and the Golan Heights dispute along Israel’s northern border with Syria. Zephaniah 2:8 foretold that one aspect of the latter-day Jewish nation would be that it would have hostile neighbors who would “magnify themselves against their border (emphasis added).” Does this sound like the history of the Jewish state going back to its founding? Israel has had numerous border wars and conflicts as well as border disputes since 1948. The current confrontation with Hamas at the border of Israel and Gaza and the formal recognition of Israel’s control of the Golan Heights at its border with Syria further fulfill the prophecy of Zephaniah 2:8. Hamas is “magnifying itself” vs the Israeli border with Gaza, and Syria is “magnifying itself” vs Israel in the Golan region. Zephaniah 2:9-11 warns that God will deal severely with those peoples who contend with the modern Jews (“Judah”) about their borders. Verse 9 of Zephaniah 2 also has another piece of prophecy which fits the modern era. It describes the latter-day Jews in the time that they will again have a new nation in the old Promised Land as being “the residue” or “the remnant…of my people.” That is a very appropriate description of the Jewish survivors of the Nazi Holocaust of World War II. They were, indeed, only a remnant of the pre-Holocaust Jewish population.
As a personal aside, I will offer my conclusions about the Golan Heights issue based on my visit to that region in August of 2000. On one night during my trip to Israel, I stayed with several Jewish friends at a room in a kibbutz named Ha’ Gosherim. We arrived in the dark, but in the morning I could see the dominating presence of the Golan heights towering over the northern part of the Israeli nation.  It was so dominating that it almost has to be seen personally to be understood. I could easily see that the Israelis could never allow Syria to ever again have control over the Golan Heights. From that lofty firing position, the Syrians could fire artillery at much of northern Israel (as they once did before Israel took control of the Golan). If the Syrians had control of the Golan, they could fire modern missiles at all of Israel. It would be suicidal for Israel to yield control of the strategic position to such a sworn enemy as Syria–especially since Syria is Iran’s close ally. I applaud the action of our President, Donald Trump, in recognizing Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights.
This post has addressed the very warm relationship between the USA and the Israeli nation. For more in-depth information about both nations in biblical prophecies, please read my free articles, Four Reasons the Jews are Judah, and The USA in Biblical Prophecy. For abundant evidence that we are living in the biblically-prophesied latter days, please read my free article, Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days?
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On December 23rd, 2018, a large meteor exploded in the atmosphere over the Barents Sea not far from Russia’s, Kamchatka Peninsula. It exploded in such a remote region that it went almost unnoticed for several months. It is estimated that the meteor exploded with a force of 173 kilotons of TNT–ten times the force of the nuclear bomb which hit Hiroshima, Japan at the end of World War II. I marvel that this kind of power can be generated from a meteor that was estimated to be only 10 meters (30 feet) in diameter (first link). A faint image of the distant blast was captured on a Japanese weather satellite (first link). The second link adds that the meteor exploded an estimated 25.6 km above the earth’s surface, and it includes a global map of meteor explosions and their respective intensities over a two-decade period. The second link also notes that meteor blasts of this intensity are normally expected only 2-3 times per century. Since we have had two such major meteor blasts in our atmosphere in just the last 5 years (the other one was over Chelyabinsk, Russia in 2013), it would seem we may be entering a period where meteor strikes into our atmosphere may be on an uptick. The third link and fourth link are added for additional perspectives.

The Chelyabinsk meteor explosion was a larger explosion than the recent one off the Russian coast, and it was caught on many cameras due to it happening over a city. I’m sure many readers recall the images of the Chelyabinsk explosion in media sources at the time, but I have included the fifth link which has an impressive montage of many video recordings of that 2013 explosion. Not all the images have audio content, but a few have very impressive audio recordings of the event. There is a particularly impressive audio recording of the explosion just after the 3-minute mark of the fifth link’s video. It records what sounds like a very large sonic boom followed by a series of reverberations after the main explosion. The intensity of the actual sound of the explosion in the fifth link makes me think that some of the video camera images of the explosion were captured from further away than one might have assumed to be the case. I urge all readers to listen to the intensity of the explosion mentioned in the fifth link. If you have a sub-woofer as part of your computer’s speaker system, you are in for an impressive auditory experience!

So far, mankind has been fortunate that a large meteor impact has not hit the earth’s surface in a populated area. The meteor that struck Siberia in the Tunguska region in 1906 was in an area so unpopulated and remote it was largely unknown to the world for some time. If it had hit in some populated regions of the earth, it could have essentially wiped out small nations. There have been several Hollywood movies about meteors so huge that they would annihilate life on earth. Two that come to mind are Deep Impact and Armageddon. In Hollywood movies, mankind always figures out a way to save itself from cosmic destruction.  In the future, we may not be so fortunate.

The Bible’s book of Revelation foretells that two large and destructive meteors will impact the earth during the latter days of our current age. In Revelation 8:6-13, two in a series of catastrophic plagues that are foretold for the very end of the latter days are described “as it were a great mountain burning with fire was cast into the sea” and “a great star from heaven, burning as it were a lamp (or ‘torch’) and it fell upon…the fountains (or ‘source’) of waters” (verses 8-10). These clearly describe two celestial impacts. One hits the sea and the other hits the source of waters. The second impact has to hit the earth somewhere near a location which includes the headwaters of apparently major rivers so that has to signify a land strike. The Apostle John used the low-tech vocabulary of his time to describe these events which he clearly did not witness with his actual eyes in his lifetime. He uses the words “as it were” to describe both events which confirm he was struggling to convey to the readers of his book what he saw in his vision of the latter days. His wording of the first meteor event as a great burning mountain falling to the earth from the heavens depicts almost exactly the way an incoming meteor is depicted in the movie, Deep Impact. A falling lamp or torch from the heavens describes the second object as having a tail of flame behind it.  His descriptions are remarkably like what we would literally see during any such event, and the scientific accuracy of his descriptions adds weight to John’s claim to have seen such events in his vision. These two meteor hits that are prophesied to occur will not be large enough to qualify as “extinction level events,” but their effects are prophesied to be catastrophic in the regions they hit. Other prophecies may also refer to the celestial events John witnessed in his vision. Joel 2:30-32 prophesies that at the end of this age, God will “show wonders in the heavens,” and Luke 21:25-26 foretells that there will be “signs…in the stars” and that people will die of heart attacks due to the terror caused when “the powers of heaven shall be shaken.” Meteor hits of the scope prophesied in Revelation 8 would surely cause people to experience heart attacks due to fear. Whole Revelation 8 describes two immensely destructive meteor hits during the latter days, the language of the afore-cited prophecies in Joel 2 and Luke 21 allow for the possibility that there may be numerous meteor strikes at the end of our age, climaxing in the two apocalyptic hits described in Revelation 8. Given that such destructive events lie in our planet’s future, now might be a good time to “seek the Lord while he may be found” (Isaiah 60:5-9) and to pray that you may be “accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass and to stand before the Son of man [when he returns].”

For solid evidence that we are, indeed, living in the biblical time called the “latter days” when the above prophecies will come to pass, please read my article, Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days? 


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Almost always, my posts have discussed or featured events from around the world. This is a rare case when I can report on something that is happening (literally) in my own backyard and region. The entire central portion of the USA has been hit by a “historic” storm of unusual violence. The first link was issued just before it hit and warned it would affect 70 million people in many states. Severe blizzards, flooding, and dangerous winds were predicted. All these predictions came true. The second link explains why this was a historic storm and adds details about its severity. It was described by meteorologists as a “bomb cyclone” storm which experienced “bombogenesis” as the pressure dropped precipitously fast in the eye of the storm. It dropped 24 millibars of pressure in less than 24 hours to qualify for these superlative labels. I have never heard these climatological terms before. For those who were not in this storm, imagine a “snow hurricane” or cold rain hitting with the wind velocity of a CAT-1 or CAT-2 hurricane. Winds over 80 mph and 100 mph were recorded in Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas. The third link shows how such high winds lifted up and blew over a semi-truck on a Texas highway.

In my state, the western and central portions experienced incredible snowfall and massive drifting and blizzards due to the high winds. In the eastern part of our state (where I live) we had over 2.5 inches of rain that came with high winds. This rain fell on land which already had a lot of snow on it and the ground was frozen so it couldn’t absorb the moisture. My city of Sioux Falls had the worst flooding since 1964 according to some local reports. Street intersections flooded which had never been flooded in my 31 years of living here. Some motorists had to abandon cars in rising street flooding only to discover their cars were later embedded in ice after the flood waters froze when the temperature dropped below freezing. I’ve included a montage of photos about the blizzard and flooding in my state in the fourth link (scroll down to a small box labeled “87 photos” and click on it). The number of photos is steadily rising so there may be more photos in that small box by the time you read this. I hope it includes the photo of a farmer trying to dig his cow out of a snowdrift that had completely buried the still-living creature. One multi-story building in downtown Sioux Falls had its lower level parking garage filled with floodwaters…which froze overnight.

This storm has had very serious consequences for many people. A large dam collapsed in Nebraska, causing great damage and the evacuation of several towns which were inundated by the released waters (see the fifth link for a photo of the broken dam). In my state, the Gavins Point Dam in Yankton, SD, a large dam operated by the Army Corps of Engineers, steadily increased its water discharge from a more usual 17,000 cfs (cubic feet per second) to a peak of 100,000 CFS (sixth link) to release the excessive volume of water held back by the dam (and maybe to save the dam itself). The seventh link (a video clip) shows this, dam and the discharge of water it expelled when it discharged one million gallons per second during a previous flood in 2011 during a much more localized weather event. I can relate to that video as I stood at that very spot in 2011 where and when this video was filmed. The roar of the water was deafening and a friend and I watched trees on the far side of the Missouri River being ripped out of the river-bank and carried downstream). The eighth link, ninth link and tenth link offer more information about the damage done throughout our region and they focus on the damage done in the state of Nebraska. The flood waters shut down a US Air Force Base south of Omaha, and so threatened a nuclear power plant it had to be taken off-line. As you scroll through the montage of damage in the links, please realize that this is only a tiny fraction of what people in many states are experiencing.

Was I affected by the storm? Yes. Being warned about its approach, my daughter and I shoveled the snow away from our home’s foundation before it arrived to minimize damage. However, the snow was mid-calf to knee deep in parts of our yard when we received over 2.5 inches of cold rain very quickly. I shoveled a melt path during the rain through the snow/slush to direct water from the backyard to the city street, and this path quickly turned into a swift river of water going by our house as our backyard drained its water. Even so, water did enter the lower level of our home through the foundation (our sump pump worked OK), and we have had to move a lot of things, rip up soaked carpet pads, pull back carpets to dry them with fans, etc. Like thousands of others, we are on the waiting lists of the water remediation services in the region but do not expect even an initial visit until sometime next week. At least our situation is manageable and does not currently affect the entire lower level of our home  The people whose houses have been flooded and basements filled with water are truly suffering. The local Fire Department was even doing water rescues with boats on local city streets during the storm.

Going through this raging weather made me think of Leviticus 26:1-9 where God lists a series of blessings he will send when nations honor and obey him. One of these blessings is receiving “rain in due season” (verse 4) to ensure excellent crops and the blessings of a favorable climate. All over the world, nations are receiving waves of weather problems and disasters. Many parts of the world report droughts, floods, cyclones/hurricanes, etc. Lots of rain is falling in many places of the world when it is not coming “in due season.” No part of the world seems to be spared from weather problems which seem to be intensifying as time passes. Since it was prophesied that in the latter days all nations would forsake God and righteous living and that Satan would deceive mankind throughout all nations (II Timothy 3:1-9, Revelation 12:9), it follows that weather problems and curses will befall the earth as mankind turns away from God and his divine laws..and that is exactly what the Bible says will happen. In August 2018, I wrote a post entitled, The Land Will Spew You Outwhich examines biblical prophecies that when people sin, the very land they live on will steadily turn against them. Since all nations are steadily rejecting God and God’s laws, the world’s climate should steadily get worse on a global basis. That is exactly what is happening. I urge you to read that post.


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Air raid sirens were blaring in Tel Aviv recently when two rockets were fired at the city from Gaza, which is governed by Hamas (first link). Air raid shelters were also opened in Tel Aviv due to the attack. Thankfully, both rockets missed their target. One apparently fell harmlessly into the Mediterranean Sea. The first link also states that Israel ‘s Iron Dome air defense system successfully engaged the two rockets, but apparently it was not necessary to fire projectiles at the rockets due to their errant trajectories. The second link adds another perspective on this rocket attack against Israel and reports that the Israelis have retaliated by hitting terrorist targets in Gaza. However, as this post is being written, it is not yet clear how many targets in Gaza were hit by the Israelis and what effect those strikes had. The sound of an unidentified explosion can be heard in a video clip at the second link.

Hamas did not claim responsibility for this rocket attack, but since Hamas has a tight grip on everything that happens in Gaza, it is hard to picture them not knowing about this rocket attack before it occurred. If the Israeli response is limited to a small retaliation, I think many will see it as a rather weak response to a rocket attack against the largest Israeli city. If those rockets had successfully hit large buildings or infrastructure facilities in Tel Aviv and caused human casualties, the Israeli response would likely have been swift and harsh. The nation of Israel faces new elections in a short time and the incumbent Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, is a target of legal action by Israel’s Attorney General, so these factors may influence Israeli actions at this time.

As of this writing, Israel’s reaction has been very minimal, but that could change by the time readers see this post. At any rate, this attack against Tel Aviv highlights that a large Mideast war could erupt at any time due to some provocation that required a major military action as an appropriate response. If those rockets fired from Gaza had hit important targets in Tel Aviv, such a war could be raging now. It is even possible that the rockets fired at Tel Aviv were intended to provoke such a war.

In all likelihood, the rockets fired at Tel Aviv were smuggled into Gaza via Iranian connections. I think it is obvious that whoever fired these rockets from Gaza was trying to hit targets in Tel Aviv, not direct them harmlessly into the Mediterranean Sea. This means one of two things. Either these missiles had very bad guidance systems or Israel’s Iron Dome air defense system has a new tool at its disposal. It is well-known that the Iron Dome system can fire projectiles (kinetic interceptors) at incoming rockets or missiles, but the air defense system may now have a way to confuse the guidance systems of incoming missiles so they are misdirected to land at harmless locations. This option, if it exists, would be very valuable as it would “save ammunition” for the Iron Dome’s batteries to fire actual projectiles at only the most threatening or fastest incoming missiles. With Israel being targeted by many tens of thousands of Hezbollah rockets and missiles located in southern Lebanon, the potential for a major war in the region is considerable. Iran has pledged to “wipe Israel off the map” (as several previous posts have documented) and Israel has the capability to hit Iran and its proxies very hard if Iran attempts to do so. Since the rockets fired at Tel Aviv were almost certainly provided by Iran, it is not likely that they were fired at Israel without Iran’s permission.

Students of the Bible know that its prophecies foretell that the region of the Mideast and especially the city of Jerusalem will be key flashpoints at the end of our age. Zechariah 12:1-2 prophesied that the city of Jerusalem will be a “cup of trembling” and a “burdensome stone” to the nations of the world in the latter days. In other words, it will be a focal point of contention and strife among a variety of nations. Zephaniah 2:1-10 prophesied approximately 2600 years ago that in the end time of our age, the Jews (“Judah”) would have a nation of their own in the old Promised Land, and this ancient biblical prophecy accurately predicted that the new Jewish nation would include the Mediterranean coastland and the city of Ashkelon at its founding (verse 7). That an ancient biblical prophecy would be so specifically fulfilled in such detail when the nation of Israel was founded in 1948 can only confirm that an immortal Creator God authored the original prophecy and that he directs human events throughout human history to ensure that his prophecies come to pass according to his pre-determined timetable.

For additional information on the above topics, please read my free articles, Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days? and Four Reasons the Jews are Judah

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