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In what may sound like a surprise to many readers of this blog and to people around the world, there is a report that Germany wants to acquire nuclear bombers. This may sound quite odd since Germany does not make or have any nuclear weapons, but the first link and second link report that some German leaders consider Germany to be a nuclear power already “because it has vectors to use them [nuclear weapons].” That is a contorted phrase which will be explained shortly. Germany reportedly also wants to “share” the permanent seat occupied by France on the UN Security Council and “represent the EU under the auspices of NATO.” This is more very contorted language.

The first two links have the same content, but I like to cite at least two sources which are reporting the same story before commenting on it on my blog. Let’s consider the second example of contorted language first. To begin with, the UN is called the United Nations, not the United Alliances. The EU is not a nation and never has been one. NATO is also not a nation and has never been one. If a trading/customs union like the EU or a military alliance like NATO can be represented as a “nation” at the UN, then all similar such global trading/military alliances can theoretically argue that they can have a seat at the UN too. Will the Trans-Pacific Partnership also ask for a seat at the UN as well? How about the Organization of American States? Can the strategic alliances of Russia with China, Iran, Belarus, Syria, etc. also get seats at the UN? How about OPEC? The logic of either the EU or NATO having their own “seats” at the UN breaks down very fast when it is examined in context. Will France be happy to share its seat as a Permanent Member of the UN Security Council with Germany? Is Germany and Angela Merkel going to tell France: “Move over Macron, we are going to take control of your Permanent Seat at the Security Council for half the time.” I doubt France or Macron is thrilled at this German proposal if the report is true. Also, Germany cannot simply seize a Permanent Seat on the Security Council because it wants to do so–the other UN members would have to debate and decide such a matter. Indeed, Also, Germany is a very weak military power. India, Pakistan, Israel, and Japan have far more military power on the world scene than Germany and therefore have a much greater claim to a seat on the Security Council than Germany. The UN has periodically considered expanding the Permanent Seats on the UN Security Council, but the competition for nations wanting those seats would be fierce. Also, I think the current Permanent Members of the Security Council (The USA, Russia, China, the United Kingdom, and France) would have veto power over any such changes.

The third link offers a good analysis of this unusual German proposal. It reports that some German leaders doubt whether Germany is still under the USA’s nuclear umbrella due to some of President Trump’s comments. However, Trump made those comments about NATO because so many NATO nations, especially Germany, have been refusing to spend meaningful and pledged amounts of their national budgets on NATO defense spending. The state of Germany’s military is quite pathetic, as previous posts at this website have noted. The third link cites one German observer’s assessment of Germany’s military status as: “Nothing flies, nothing floats and nothing runs.” The link reports the shocking fact that of Germany’s’ front-line warplanes, only four are in operating condition.  No wonder Trump expressed doubts about Germany’s commitment to NATO! The link also points out that even in the highly unlikely event that the USA forsook NATO, Germany still is under the protective nuclear umbrellas of the United Kingdom and France within NATO. It’s just a suggestion, of course, but maybe Germany ought to import some qualified engineers and mechanics from other NATO nations who actually know how to fix warships, warplanes, and tanks. Evidence that the USA is not forsaking NATO is abundant. Trump’s challenge to NATO nations to boost their military spending has caused many nations to take their military defense needs and obligations more seriously. Poland and Romania are hosting new American Aegis Ashore air defense systems which can intercept missiles or warplanes, and Poland has even offered to fund the building of a new military base for the stationing of American military forces on Polish soil on a permanent basis (topics also discussed in previous posts). Germany better, have a lot more than four working warplanes before it tries to apply to obtain any permanent seat on the UN Security Council.

Now let’s discuss the other contorted claim by some in Germany that it is already a nuclear power because it has “vectors to use them.” What is this fuzzy language addressing? The answer is in the fourth link. As part of NATO’s longstanding war-fighting strategy in the event of a war with Russia,  NATO had contingency plans to allow several NATO nations to deliver American nuclear weapons on the warplanes of other NATO nations if the logistical needs required such action. The known list of non-nuclear NATO nations allowed to deliver US nuclear weapons if the contingency arose includes Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and Turkey, according to the fourth link. I suspect this list dates to a time when NATO had a far smaller roster of member nations. This program is called “nuclear sharing,” and the USA has to approve each nation allowed to share nuclear weapons delivery responsibilities during wartime conditions. It would seem that this list needs revision to reflect modern realities. A chart at the fourth link reports that there are 50-90 nuclear weapons stored in Turkey (presumably at the large US military base at Incirlik). Given that Turkey seems determined to buy a sophisticated Russian air defense system (designed to shoot down NATO planes) and given the growing doubts about whether Turkey will remain in NATO, Turkey likely needs to be removed from the nuclear sharing list. Also, since Germany has almost no functioning warplanes left in its inventory to deliver nuclear weapons, Germany could be dropped from the list as well. Italy and the Netherlands still make sense, but Belgium seems to be a wholly-owned subsidiary of the EU since the EU is based in Brussels. Perhaps such nations as Poland and Norway ought to be considered for the nuclear-sharing program.

Both the EU and NATO, are in a state of unease at present. When and if the UK actually leaves the EU and if Turkey leaves NATO, both the EU and NATO are going to face pressures to restructure. As nationalist/populist political parties grow in strength in the EU nations, more nations may leave the EU if the EU’s bureaucracy continues to become steadily more autocratic and opposed to traditional western cultural/religious values. If a major recession hits Europe or the entire world, expect nationalist/populist parties in Europe to surge in strength.

The Bible’s latter-day prophecies may come into greater focus as events cause realignments in Europe’s power structures and alliances. The EU is a major pillar of the global financial/commercial system–which is called Babylon the Great in Revelation 13, and 17-18. It is vital to realize the Bible prophesies that the current global power structure called Babylon the Great is going to be overthrown by a cryptic alliance called the “seven heads and ten horns” who will institute a new global power structure which is prophetically called the “beast” system–which will, in turn, be overthrown by Jesus Christ’s heavenly army after 42 months (Revelation 13:1-5 and 19:11-20:4). There are many students of prophecy which identify the various stages of the Holy Roman Empire as resurrections of the old Roman Empire, and this seems like a valid interpretation to me. This would make Europe a major focal point for the fulfillment of biblical prophecies. Long-time readers know that I do not ‘”set dates” for major prophetic events to occur (those that do invariably end up with egg on the faces), so I will wait to let events unfold on God’s timetable to reveal the full meaning of latter-day prophecies. However, I think students of Bible prophecy do need to keep their eyes on Europe. The status quo there could change rapidly in our foreseeable future. For more information germane to this topic, please read my free articles, Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days?, Is Babylon the Great about to Fall…Ushering in a New Beast System? and The Babylonian Origin of the Modern Banking System.

My thanks to a reader for drawing this subject to my attention.


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There is, a growing and disturbing trend, that involves widening persecution of Christians around the world and the vandalism or destruction of Christian churches. We are all familiar, I think, with reports that Christians face execution or work camp status if they are caught in North Korea, and China is steadily increasing its persecution of Christians (first link). However, such persecution is spreading to non-Communist nations as well. The second link and third link document repeated terrorist attacks vs. Christians in Nigeria, particularity in the Muslim northern parts of the nation. Persecution of Christians is commonly reported in many Islamic-majority nations.

All readers have seen the dramatic footage of the Cathedral of Notre Dame burning in Paris, France.  Authorities in France were quick to state that it wasn’t a result of terrorism even before any formal investigation began. I’m hoping that it was just an industrial accident, but well-known American media personality, Glenn Beck, raised the possibility that it may have been an act of terrorism (fourth link). What is not being reported in many media reports about the Notre Dame fire is that acts of vandalism against Christian churches in France have become widespread. A left-wing American media source, Newsweek, did do a story acknowledging this fact (fifth link), and the sixth link reports that two Christian churches are being vandalized or attacked in some way every day in France. The investigation into the Notre Dame fire needs to consider the possibility of terrorism precisely because attacks against Christian churches in France have become so widespread. Also very worrisome is the fact that a man attempted to gain entry to St. Paul’s Cathedral in New York City armed with gasoline cans and fire accelerants (seventh link). That attempted attack occurred just two days after the Notre Dame fire–evidence of a pattern of attacks vs. cathedrals or just a coincidence? France has a large Islamic population–has France investigated whether the rise in attacks vs. Christian churches in France is due to Islamic terrorism?

Christian churches are not being attacked only by Communist governments or Islamic terrorists. In the USA, three black churches in Louisiana were burned and police have arrested a person who had a fascination with “neo-pagan metal” music (eighth link). It seems evident to me that a person heavily involved in “neo-pagan” music might be motivated by such music to attack Christian churches. It also needs to be noted that the person arrested was a white person who apparently chose black churches to burn. This shows Christians of any race or ethnic group are potential targets. The final three links offer a variety of evidence about the global spread of attacks and persecutions against Christians.

Christians living in the USA or western nations shouldn’t look at persecution vs. Christians in nations around the world and think “it couldn’t happen here.” It could. In Matthew 24:9-13 in his answer about conditions that will occur in the latter days of this age, Jesus Christ prophesied that his followers would be “afflicted,” “killed ” and “hated,” and he added that Christians would need to “endure to the end” such conditions of affliction. Revelation 20:4 prophesied that some Christians would be “beheaded” for their faith in acts of martyrdom. Such grisly executions of Christians were carried out by ISIS in recent years in the Mideast, and some acts of mass execution were so numerous that the heads of Christians were mass-displayed on posts. Thankfully, ISIS has been driven  from power in all the territories they controlled in Syria and Iraq by the intense bombing of/warfare against their positions by the coalition led by US President Donald Trump, but ISIS is far from dead as the recent mass attacks vs. Christian churches and Western-style hotels in Sri Lanka have proven. In Revelation 2-3, the latter-day Christian church is prophetically addressed in the vision given to the Apostle John, and it described latter-day Christian churches as generally falling into seven different “spirits” or general characteristics. This vision makes it clear that by the latter days, the Christian church will be split into different groups (“denominations” in modern terms) which will exhibit very different characteristics, as in organizational structure, doctrinal understanding and knowledge, socioeconomic and living conditions, etc. One of these generalized latter-day churches is called the church at Smyrna, which will be living in circumstances that bring them an especially high exposure to tribulation and death. Please read my article, A New Look at the Seven Churches of Revelation [PDF] which examines in detail this prophecy about the Christian churches in the latter days.

The book of Revelation does offer hope to Christians that God will send them miraculous protection in the latter days for approximately three and one-half years. Revelation 11 prophesies that God will empower two persons (the Two Witnesses) who will wield such massive delegated divine powers from God for 1260 days that verse 6 states they will be able to “smite the earth with all plagues as often as they will (emphasis added).” It is my expectation that during their ministry they will be able to protect their fellow Christians by smiting anyone who persecutes Christians with plagues sufficiently powerful to stop such actions. Please see my article, The Two Witnesses, for an extensive examination of their ministry, which is prophetically discussed in more than one location in the Bible.

Until these Two Witnesses arrive on the scene, we do not know how bad persecutions vs. Christians will become. It is not impossible that some nations will expel Christians or there will be nations from which Christians will have to flee for their lives. If this happens, will you be able and willing to offer shelter and the necessities of life to your fellow Christians who are refugees? The parable in Matthew 25:31-46 argues that Christians in the latter days will be tested with opportunities to either help or turn away fellow Christians in need. Many such needy Christians will likely be in denominations with belief systems and practices different than your own but accepting the same Savior. Given the severe judgment to be meted out by Jesus Christ to Christians who do not help their fellow Christians in the latter days, you might want to think about your readiness to help needy Christians in the future before the need arises.

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A deadly event is occurring in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), but there has been only limited media coverage of this event. In the DRC, the “second worst” outbreak of the Ebola plague in recorded history is now raging in a relatively remote part of the nation. As of late March, over 1,000 cases of Ebola had been confirmed and there had been 629 deaths, resulting in a lethality rate of at least 60% (first link). The link also reports that the World Health Organization (WHO) has stated that “the risk of national and regional spread remains ‘very high.'” One reason for that risk is the Ebola outbreak has occurred in an active war zone (also in the first link). Highlighting the reality of the local armed conflict in the Ebola-affected region, a group of declared ISIS-affiliated attackers raided an Ebola Treatment Center, resulting in the deaths of one WHO doctor and one of the attackers (second link and third link). The April date of these later links shows the death toll from the Ebola outbreak was then nearing 850.  Given that these attacks and battles in the affected region of the DRC are so close to the Ugandan border, it is inevitable that people fleeing the violence will relocate into Uganda. One cannot help but wonder how many people fleeing the infected war-zone area are already carrying the Ebola virus into neighboring provinces and/or nations.

The fourth link has a useful chart showing the steady rise in the number of confirmed cases of Ebola in the affected region; however, readers are urged to notice that the statistical totals are two weeks behind the present so the number of cases and fatalities are higher than the chart indicates. The fourth link relates a very puzzling fact: that the WHO has so far refused to issue a global health alert about the Ebola outbreak. It also reports that the WHO has declined to issue such an alert “despite a sharp uptick in the number and geographical spread of cases of the Ebola virus…”

I cannot understand the nonchalant response by the WHO to this Ebola outbreak–which is admittedly the second-worst outbreak of the Ebola virus in recorded history. There are obviously people entering and leaving the infected region. The WHO’s own staff, possible UN staffers and the personnel of various NGOs who enter the region are all possible carriers when they leave the infected zone. Could this Ebola virus travel on their luggage or only in human hosts? If ISIS has, indeed, aided local fighters in the war-torn area where the Ebola plague is spreading, then ISIS organizers and arms-smugglers of all kinds must be supplying weaponry to the various factions involved in that region’s fighting. ISIS terrorist-organizers or the representatives of international arms-merchants could also easily spread the virus via travel on airplanes, railroads, etc. when they leave the infected zone. I’ve seen reports that the WHO has not yet declared a global health warning about this Ebola outbreak because it has not yet confirmed that this Ebola strain has spread to a second nation. I would observe that by the time it is confirmed that the Ebola virus has traveled to other nations, it will already be too late in the process to contain the outbreak to its current region. At the very least, all nations should be warned about this outbreak and travelers arriving at airports, rail stations, etc. need to be asked if they have traveled in or near the Ebola outbreak zone so such people can be quarantined for a time to be sure they are safe to release into the general population. Refusing to issue a global health warning about such a dangerous plague has not yet been confirmed in a second nation is tantamount to a refusal to call the local fire department until a fire has spread to more than one floor in a building.

As I’m sure readers realize, the Ebola virus has various strains and some are more virulent than others. It can also mutate and take on different characteristics. It would seem that extra cautionary measures are needed to keep this Ebola outbreak contained. If this Ebola outbreak spreads more widely, the WHO will be at least partly responsible due to its sluggish response to this Ebola outbreak. One can never predict how severe an Ebola outbreak will be as it sometimes is so virulent that it kills its human hosts before it has much of a chance to spread. I’m certainly not going to predict the course of this Ebola outbreak, but it is already large enough that, in my opinion, the world’s health authorities should be formally alerted so they can take preventive actions.

This news does remind me of a biblical prophecy that applies to the latter days of our age. Matthew 24:3-13 warns that during the time just prior to the return of Jesus Christ that a number of global traumas will occur. Wars, earthquakes, generalized violence, famines, etc. are cited as some of the global traumas that will be present in the latter days. Obviously, these phenomena will predictably be occurring in greater frequency and intensity during the latter days. Verse 7 also cites “pestilences” as one of the global traumas that will characterize the latter days. This term is general enough to include all kinds of disease outbreaks. Hemorrhagic plagues like Ebola are some of the most frightening and lethal diseases known to mankind. There are many other diseases that also qualify as “pestilences.” We do not know when a known or new disease/pestilence will make a widespread outbreak in the general populations of multiple nations. The Spanish flu spread widely during the early 20th century and killed millions all over the globe. At some point, Matthew 24:7 indicates it is inevitable that serious global pestilences will infect mankind. For the time being, it is at the very least a wise course of action to stay far away from regions where known lethal plagues are already spreading. For clear evidence that we are, indeed, living in the biblically-prophesied latter days, please read my article, Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days? When you examine the biblical prophecies about the latter days and realize that these prophecies were written millennia ago, it becomes obvious that only a Divine Creator God could have inspired such prophecies and bring them to pass on his pre-planned timetable. Isaiah 41:21-26 and 46:9-11 contain God’s challenge to mankind to look at his ability to bring to pass his biblical prophecies as proof of his reality and sovereignty. I urge readers to take God’s challenge and read my aforementioned article to see irrefutable evidence that the Bible’s ancient prophecies are being fulfilled in the modern world–sometimes with incredible specificity. 

I want to thank a reader for drawing my attention to this story.



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The endless Brexit chaos and delays have been painful for external observers to watch. Theresa May’s government in London seems determined to force the EU’s harsh terms on the United Kingdom, and she has been unwilling to be an advocate for the British nation in negotiations with the EU. The EU, for its part, is determined to either force the British people to either renege on their Brexit referendum results or submit to an exceedingly harsh treaty with the EU which will leave the UK more submissive to the EU than it was prior to the Brexit vote. It has amazed me as I watch the Brexit soap opera that there have been no serious negotiations about the Brexit departure of the UK from the EU. The EU set forth a very harsh treaty demand that would make the UK largely submissive to the EU’s bureaucrats while having no vote in the making of any future EU rules. Teresa May has been a loyal globalist, carrying the demands of the EU to the British Parliament which has voted the EU’s demands down three times already. Not once has Teresa May crafted a deal proposal which represents the UK’s interests and presented them to the EU for an honest negotiation process to occur. May has been little more than an errand-girl for the EU’s harsh demands. She apparently will keep offering the same harsh deal to the House of Commons until it votes to accept it. Since that body refused to accept this harsh deal within the time deadline set forth in the EU’s own law, the EU and May keep making new extensions to give more time to the House of Commons to agree to the harsh deal or reverse Brexit altogether.

I’ve never understood the extremist language that Britain could “crash out” of the EU without a deal and that this would result in “chaos.” A no-deal Brexit is essentially what the British voters approved in their national referendum. Why would there be chaos if the UK departs without a deal? If it left without a deal, its customs and commerce rules would be exactly the same as the EU’s on the first day of its departure as it was on the last day of its membership. With all rules still synchronized with the EU, why wouldn’t all commerce carry on without any problem? When the UK revisits the rules and changes some of them, the UK and the EU could then negotiate about how to coordinate such changes on a case-by-case basis. The UK would again be a sovereign nation and would again be in control of its borders, laws, courts, etc. The first link correctly notes that the EU, which began as a commerce and trade entity, has morphed into a self-proclaimed European government which wants to take control of all the nations of Europe and divest the European nations of their distinctive national identities.

The British nation was supposed to, according to EU law, leave the EU on March 29th. However, when it was clear the British Parliament would not agree to the capitulation document that the EU had prepared for them to sign, the EU coordinated with their errand-girl, Teresa May, to have an approximately two-week delay to allow the House of Commons another chance to surrender to the EU via the “deal” May had presented to them. The House of Commons again refused to vote for it, so the EU and May arranged to have a long delay until October 31st before the UK will leave the EU. I note that the new date selected is Halloween, the high occultist day of the calendar. Readers may draw their own conclusions whether this is coincidental or intentional. The EU and May no doubt actually hope the long delay would allow for their agents in the UK to call for either a second referendum or a new national parliamentary election. They may yet rue the day they made that decision.

Nigel Farage, the founder of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) and arguably the chief advocate for the original Brexit vote, had resigned in apparent frustration at the UKIP party’s direction and out of frustration with the subverted Brexit process. He had been quiet for a time, but in early 2019, founded a new British political party called the Brexit Party. After getting organized, Farage’s party began to be included in national opinion polls in the UK. The first such poll showed him pulling 15% of the vote, and a sage columnist suggested that he would soon rise further in the polls as awareness of his new party spread throughout the electorate (second link). A second poll had him at 22% of the vote and the most recent third poll has his new party in a commanding lead in the national polls. His Brexit party was the favorite of 27% of the electorate, the Labour party was second with 22% and Teresa May’s Conservative party polled far behind with a mere 15% in third place. Other parties had slices of the rest of the vote. This must have sent shock waves throughout the EU and at Westminster. The polling is focused at the outcome in the pending European Parliament vote–in which the UK shouldn’t even be participating as it should have left the EU on March 29th. One wonders how high Farage’s party will go in future polls, but its rise so far has been meteoric. His party’s top position in the polls must be very scary news to the establishment, Conservative and Labour parties, in the UK. They are used to dominating British elections but may lose the upcoming national elections for the European Parliament. The Conservative party needs to be especially shaken because their poor third-place showing in the polls means their voter base is deserting them and embracing Farage due to the Brexit issue. This reality may stiffen the spines of some Tory MPs into opposing the EU/May surrender deal in order to try and hang on to their voter base. The Labour party will also notice that they are suddenly trailing a new-born party which is essentially pledged to a No-Deal Brexit. Please read the second through fourth links for results of the recent British polls. One observes that if these numbers hold, the Conservative party will have its worse showing in a nation-wide election since 1834. The British voters seem poised to hand the Conservative party a tremendous rebuke for supporting May and her asinine Brexit “deal.” May is so unpopular her government may fall and new British parliamentary elections may be held. One of the links notes that the British voters are utterly sick of the British government’s handling of the Brexit process, disapproving the entire government’s performance by an 84-11% margin! This poll means that Farage is plowing for votes in the extremely fertile electoral ground. Based on current national polls, the British electorate may give a victory to the Brexit party in the next national parliamentary election. This would likely result in Nigel Farage forming the next British government with himself as Prime Minister.  Would this outcome ever shock the globalist elites who control the EU and the May government! This is a possibility at this point, not at all a certainty, but this bears close watching. Farage would need to form a coalition between his Brexit party, the remaining Conservatives and the UKIP party to form a government if his Brexit party does win the next parliamentary election.

The above does have a specific biblical connection. Readers of my blog realize that the so-called “lost” ten tribes of Israel were never really lost. Unlike their Jewish brother tribe of Judah, the ten tribes never permanently re-settled the Promised Land but migrated to a wide number of nations when their kingdom of Israel fell to the Assyrians. Daniel 9:4-7 acknowledged that the house of “Israel” [the non-Jewish ten tribes], were widely scattered into many nations so they were obviously not all in Assyrian captivity. The Bible only mentions a minority of the tribes went into captivity. The 1st century AD Jewish writer, Josephus, stated the descendants of the ten tribes were then living “beyond the Euphrates.” This is a key observation, as the Euphrates River was then the recognized international border between the mighty Roman and Parthian Empires. The Parthians were, in fact, the descendants of the captive Israelites who had eventually overthrown all the empires that had held them in captivity (Babylon, Assyria, Persia and the Seleucid Greeks), and were then ruling over all of them instead. This is exactly what Isaiah 14:2 prophesied would occur. Other scattered groups of Israelites fled via the immense Phoenician fleets to other locations in the Mediterranean and Atlantic regions, founding the colony of Carthage and infusing refugees into Iberia (Spain), Celtic Briton, and Celtic Europe. The main body of escaping Israelites migrated through Armenia to the Black Sea region, overthrowing the kingdom of Urartu and founding the Scythian empire of confederated tribes (this migration is referenced in II Esdras 13:39-46). The Scythians helped crush the Assyrian Empire and twice destroyed Persian armies that invaded their lands.

Genesis 21:12 prophesied that the birthright descendants of Abraham would bear the name of Isaac upon them. The Parthian/Scythian peoples were called Saka by the Persians, Sacae by the Greeks and Saxons by the Romans. It was the Parthian Israelites who produced the Wise Men/Magi who visited the Christ-Child in Matthew 2. The Parthian Empire was overthrown by the Persians circa 227 AD, causing the Parthians to migrate en masse through the Caucasus Mountains and through the Scythian regions by the Black Sea (the Romans called the Scythians “Goths”) on their way to Europe–where they founded the population base of many modern European nations. Genesis 48-49 offer prophecies about all the tribes of Israel in the latter days (49:1), and the tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh (descended from Joseph) received the “birthright” blessings which conveyed to them the best inheritance of resources, land, population, strategic locations, victories in war, etc. above all other nations on earth. Genesis 48:14-20 foretold that these two brother tribes would “grow together” into a multitude and that Ephraim would become a grouping or multitude of nations while Manasseh would become one single great nation. What nations today have the word “Saxon” in their heritage and are brother nations with a common language and culture where one of them is a single great nation and the other is a group of nations? The obvious answer is the USA was founded as Manasseh and Great Britain was founded as Ephraim-which came to include Canada, Australia, and New Zealand in their prophesied group of nations. Genesis 49:22-26 is a specific prophecy about these nations in the latter days–our modern times. Verses 23-24 states they will have enemies who attack and hate them, but that God will strengthen them against their attackers and enemies. I have traditionally regarded this prophecy in a military application: that the USA-UK alliance would win World Wars I and II as well as the age-ending, prophesied war between the Gog-Magog alliance (Russia, China, Iran, etc.) and the global alliance headed by the modern ten tribes of Israel–which is NATO and the global Western alliance.

Now let’s get back to the current British (and American) political situation. The prophecy in Genesis 49:23-24 could also apply to God intervening to help modern Ephraim and Manasseh to win against their political enemies who hate them and want to steal their divinely-given birthright blessings from them. The atheistic globalist elites (the “Deep State”) had put their well-hidden insiders into the US presidency for some time but were stunningly upended when Donald Trump was elected president instead of the globalist candidate–Hillary Clinton. They have been furiously trying to reverse the result of that election, but have been unsuccessful. The British voted to Leave in the Brexit vote–shocking the globalist Deep State that controls the EU. The Deep State insiders in the EU and the UK have been doing all they can to use subterfuge to reverse that Brexit vote. The failure of the EU-May “deal” in the House of Commons has so far thwarted the Deep State, but the outcome is still in doubt. If God is helping the modern nations of Manasseh and Ephraim to break free of the Deep State’s control, Trump and his administration will stay in power and the British may break free from the EU’s, noose, after all. The stellar performance of the Brexit party in recent British polls means a political earthquake in the UK may be brewing. This bears watching to see if a divine hand is at work in these events. Personally, I think Nigel Farage would make a great Prime Minister.

Readers of my books already have seen the comprehensive evidence contained in my books that proves the ten tribes of Israel are present in the modern Western nations, and they know which nations represent which tribe of Israel. They also know the entire history of the Israelite tribes throughout history from the calling of the patriarch, Abraham, to the current time. The Israelite tribes founded the empires of Carthage, Parthia, Scythia, and many other kingdoms. I urge you to obtain these books on the homepage of my website. They are entitled, The Origins and Empire of Ancient Israel, Israel’s Lost Empires, Parthia–The Forgotten Ancient Superpower and Israel’s Tribes Today, as well as my E-book, The “Lost” Ten Tribes of Israel…Found, which contains much of the information of the 4-book set in a single E-book. I also urge you to read my free articles, Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days?, The USA in Bible Prophecy and What Ezekiel 38-39 Reveal about a Future World War III. If you do, you will understand the divinely-ordained prophecies which govern mankind’s events as well as the divinely-ordained “script” which is being fulfilled in the modern world. Those who do not understand the divinely-ordained script for our latter days will remain blind to what is really happening in our modern world and the major events that lay ahead of us. 


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The Israeli elections are now history, and while the final formation of a new government is yet to occur, it seems certain that Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has won a fifth term of office and will form the next governing coalition. Returns indicate that the rightist parties that typically back Netanyahu’s Likud party have won 65 seats in the Israeli Knesset and the left-leaning and Arab parties have won 55 seats (first link and second link). The fact that Netanyahu won re-election despite alleged scandals and possible indictments indicates that the Israeli people have strong confidence in his decision-making abilities and leadership. Security issues were very important in the election, and Netanyahu excels on that issue.

For Americans, it is sometimes difficult to understand how parliamentary elections work. Instead of voting for a specific candidate who is the nominee of a political party (as in the USA), voters cast ballots for a political party, and the winning party often has to ally itself with smaller but closely-aligned parties to form a majority governing coalition. In Israel’s election, one media source I saw said there were over 40 political parties on the ballot, but only those obtaining a certain threshold of the overall vote percentage can be represented in the next Knesset. The third link has a very good chart indicating each of the parties that will be represented in the next Knesset and how many seats they will each have. The final results of this recent election will have a result very similar to the last Knesset’s result. The third link also mentions a factor that seems to be increasingly present in recent national elections in Israel, the USA, the UK, and other locations. The initial exit polls proved to be unreliable. In the Israeli election, Netanyahu’s opponent, Benny Gantz of the new Blue-White party, was initially reported to be the winning candidate and he even claimed victory. As more actual votes were counted, Netanyahu pulled ahead. Another aspect of the Israeli election bears comment. The chart of the parties in the next Knesset found in the third link reveals that the Labour Party,  which has been one of the two major parties for decades and is on the Left side of the political spectrum, is seeing a rapid decline in its level of support. It is now a mere shadow of its old self.

Netanyahu’s win also makes it more likely that the negotiations for a comprehensive Mideast peace deal will result in a publicly-announced deal of some kind. If Netanyahu had lost, it would have delayed any such deal as Benny Gantz would have been the new Prime Minister and he would have had to review and approve all aspects of the deal from the Israeli point of view. Since Mr. Netanyahu won, that delay will not occur. Let’s examine what may be in the Mideast’s “deal of the century” as some have dubbed it. The fourth link offers what it says will be some of the deal’s terms. It includes Jordan accepting many of the Palestinians for resettlement in Jordan in exchange for a large cash payment. It also reportedly includes a joint Saudi-Jordanian-Israeli administration of what is called “the West Bank,” and possible creation of industrial zones in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula for Palestinians in Gaza to have jobs. Some columnists have written that Israel may openly annex some regions in the Judea-Samaria region (i.e. the West Bank) which are already inhabited by Israeli settlers.

The fifth link offers information about an effort by several Sunni Arab nations to create better ties to Israel, and the sixth link addresses the prospects of an “Arab NATO” whose mission would be to create a formal alliance vs. Iranian militarism and expansionism in the Mideast. The sixth and seventh links examine some of the advantages and roadblocks to implementing such an alliance. Egypt is also very important to this process, and the fact that Egypt’s President al-Sisi visited President Trump in Washington, DC for talks just prior to the Israeli election indicates that any “deal of the century” or an “Arab NATO” were discussion items at their meeting (eighth link).

Keeping in mind that the leaked terms of this deal may or may not be included in the final version, the “deal of the century” will have clear winners and losers. The biggest loser will be the Palestinians in one sense as the long-standing chimera of a “two-state solution” would appear to be dead. If so, the Palestinian Authority will have only itself to blame. They had generous offers from Israel for such outcomes and the PA turned them down. However, the Palestinian people in Gaza will be winners if their impoverished people can have new industrial jobs in a work zone along the Egyptian-Gaza border. Palestinians with jobs will be less inclined toward radicalism, and that would weaken the power of Hamas in Gaza. Israel and the Arab Sunni nations would be winners if an Arab NATO aligned with Israel becomes a reality. It would be very beneficial for all of them as they would present a much stronger united front vs. Iran. Having a strong Sunni alliance aligned with Israel would make Syria and Iran losers as it would make it much harder for Iran and its proxies to wage wars against any Sunni nations. Russia would still stand aligned with Iran and its allies while the USA would stay aligned with the Sunni nations and Israel. The Israeli settler bloc would also be winners under such a deal if their cities and towns are annexed to Israel. The Palestinian Authority would likely be the biggest loser and it may cease to exist in its current form. Any joint Jordanian-Saudi-Israeli administration in the West Bank would limit the jurisdiction of the PA, and act to pacify that region (hopefully).

Some key questions remain that have yet to be addressed or revealed. One major source of tension in the city of Jerusalem is the authority of the Palestinian-approved Waqf entity which administers the Temple Mount and refuses to allow Jews to pray on that plot of Holy Ground. If there is a joint Jordanian-Saudi-Israeli presence governing/controlling the West Bank, might such a joint Jordanian-Saudi-Israeli authority replace the Waqf and govern the Islamic Holy sites in a way which allows people of all faiths to have access to the Temple Mount to pray? The Palestinians would object, but they have little room to negotiate on anything. The PA openly aligned itself with Shiite Iran and the Hamas-led Palestinians in Gaza have been firing Iranian-made rockets and projectiles into Israel. Other questions include whether Egypt would replace Hamas in governing the Gaza region. Students of biblical prophecy will be watching any deal very closely to see if it allows the Israelis to start the siting and building of a Third Temple on the Temple Mount, or whether the Vatican will also become a party to the agreement and whether the Sunnis, Jews, and Vatican will administer Holy Sites on the Temple Mount as a kind of “international zone” within the city of Jerusalem. If the deal allows Israel to begin in any way the siting or measurement of the boundaries of a new Third Temple, it could have major prophetic significance.

Revelation 11:1-14’s account of God’s final Two Witnesses (who will wield massive divine power) prophesies that they will be sent during a time when the boundaries of a new Temple in Jerusalem are being measured (obviously for purposes of constructing such a Temple). The existence of a Temple almost certainly has to happen in order to fulfill prophecies about a yet-future “abomination of desolation” which will “stand in the Holy Place” (Matthew 24:15) and for the “daily sacrifices” at a Temple site to be stopped by an evil power (Daniel 8:11-19). It is my understanding that the daily morning and evening sacrifices could begin at a Jewish Temple site as soon as the site was measured and consecrated as a Temple site. It may be that the proposed Sunni-Israeli agreement will not yet include a new Jewish Temple. That reality may have to wait until a later agreement is reached, but if progress on a new Jewish Temple is included in the deal, it will mean we are getting very close to the end of our age. It would also cement Netanyahu’s popularity with the Israelis and especially with the Orthodox/Observant Jews, and make him virtually “unimpeachable” by his political enemies. A recent post I did on President Trump’s recognizing Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights mentioned that Zephaniah 2 prophesied the re-founding of a Jewish nation in the old Holy Land in the latter days of our age and those surrounding enemies would be disputing the borders of the latter-day Jewish nation. Ever since the founding of the Jewish state in 1948, there has been a long series of wars, conflicts and political disputes about where the borders of the Jewish nation should be. Border and sovereignty issues will surely be addressed in a “deal of the century” if one does get proposed. Perhaps we won’t have long to wait until this new comprehensive Mideast peace deal is announced.

For further information on topics discussed above, please read my articles, Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days?, Four Reasons the Jews are Judahand The Two Witnesses.



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Just when you think that our modern technologies can’t do anything more weird or dangerous, scientists plumb new depths of technological discoveries that involve ever-greater risks. Using modern DNA- and genetic-alteration technologies, scientists have developed a way to radically alter human DNA, and, in China, are also inserting human brain tissue into animal brains to make animals “smarter.” Let’s examine these two new radical uses of modern technology.

The first link, from the New York Times, describes how scientists in the USA are developing technology to radically alter how DNA is structured and formed. In the natural world, there are four natural bases that form the complex double-helix DNA structures we all know. However, some scientists have decided to mess with the building blocks of life on what I think is an unprecedented scale. They have developed four admittedly- “unnatural” new bases which they can artificially graft into the four natural DNA bases to create new life forms or alter the DNA of current species. One scientist doing this says “We can do everything here that is necessary for life.” How comforting. Scientists can “play God” and make new life forms (or alter existing ones) by messing significantly with their DNA at the cellular level. The four new bases that can be inserted into natural DNA “do not exist in nature,” and the scientists are open about how “unnatural” their work actually is. The article also describes how this new technology can alter the normal DNA rules so the unnatural DNA bases can be combined with the natural DNA bases to form an entirely new, lab-created organic outcome.  One shocking quote states that a scientific team “has begun making unnatural proteins from these unnatural genes” (emphasis added). This corruption of natural DNA is justified by the hope that maybe it will have useful health care applications. I can imagine many outcomes that are not at all beneficial and some which can be weaponized to damage the DNA of a targeted population. Perhaps, when this technology is “perfected,” they will be able to alter human babies by injecting these “unnatural” DNA sequences into human embryos/fetuses during pregnancy. I can see no good news in this development. I’m reminded of the movie, Jurassic Park, where a chaos theory scientist named Dr. Malcolm tells the inventors of the dinosaurs something like “You were so busy seeing if you could do something that you never stopped to consider whether you should do it.”

It gets worse. In China, a scientific team is busy trying to make monkeys smarter by injecting human brain tissues into their monkey brains. The experiment killed some monkeys but did make the surviving monkeys “smarter” on cognitive tests. The second link describes how this madcap experiment was conducted, and the third link expresses worrisome thoughts about this animal-human transgenic experiment that parallel my own concerns. Both links mention the Planet of the Apes movies where human organic brain material of some kind was blended with chimpanzee brains to create a simian species which could fight and oppose its human creators. One link raises the ethical consideration of whether it is acceptable to “humanize monkeys.” I am far more concerned about the reverse aspect of this process: injecting animal brain tissues into humans to “dumb them down” so they become controllable slaves in a sub-human new DNA-structuring. The fourth link offers readers more perspectives on this example of very real high-tech “monkey business.” Did you realize scientists have been combining human and animal brains for years already to see what outcomes would occur? By at least 2014, scientists were adding human brain glial cells to mice brains to make them smarter. The fifth link describes one test where the presence of 12,000,000 human glial cells added to mice brains did, indeed, make them “smarter.”

It is safe to say, I think, that many such experiments have been conducted in secret labs far from the awareness of the media or the public. I have little doubt that an unknown number of human-animal combinations have resulted in test subjects which were insane by any animal or human standard of measurement. Genesis 11:6 warns that mankind can attain technological tipping points where “nothing” is beyond man’s ability to implement scientific schemes, no matter how crazy, sinful or inherently self-destructive they might be. That tipping point was reached in the pre-Flood world, which provoked God into euthanizing all air-breathing creatures on the planet except for those chosen to be on the Ark with Noah’s family. That high-tech tipping point was again reached soon after the Flood when mankind birthed sufficient workers to start rebuilding the pre-Flood technologies. As I have mentioned occasionally in previous posts, Genesis 11: 1-9 describes, albeit in low-tech vocabulary, the high-tech project that the “tower of Babel” really was. The “tower” was not a mud-brick ziggurat–that would not have provoked extreme intervention by God. It was a “tower” whose “top-most” or “head” (Hebrew: “rosh”)  portion would reach into the heavens. We have many such “towers” whose “tops” reach into the heavens. We call them rockets or missiles and the “tops” are called payloads or nosecones. Genesis 11:1-9 describes mankind’s post-Flood effort to rebuild the pre-Flood space program of mankind. Having seen the corruption that pre-Flood mankind descended into via their technologies, God was not about to let them rebuild forbidden and corrupting technologies. God gave all humans new languages at Babel and removed the ability of any nascent nation to understand the pre-Flood language any longer. This cut them off from all pre-Flood written knowledge and made all mankind illiterate–guaranteeing there would be no new high-tech age on earth until the very end times, which Matthew 24:37 prophesied would be a mirror image of the pre-Flood civilization. It is not difficult to prove that we are living in the latter days of our age when the pre-Flood civilization would be allowed by God to again take shape. Please read my free article, Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days? to see the evidence for that assertion. You may also wish to listen to a speech I gave (circa 1989) which was based on my copyrighted article entitled, As It Was in the Days of NoahIf you mistakenly think that the Bible teaches the earth or the physical Universe is only 6,000 years old, please read my free article, Is the Earth 6,000 Years Old? This article will reconcile the geology and fossil record of the earth with Biblical historical narratives. To reassure readers, I do believe that God made all modern species, including mankind, in a single, seven-day week as taught in Genesis 1. However, that Creation account does not preclude life on earth prior to Creation Week (remember the dinosaurs and other life forms that went extinct before mankind was present on the earth?).  

The book of Jasher used to be a canonical book available to mankind in the distant past. It is mentioned as an authoritative book in Joshua 10:13 and II Samuel 1:18. Joshua mentions dates to circa 1400 BC so the book of Jasher was well-known by then. It is not canonized today as errors have crept into the versions we now have (I find its accounts consistent with the Bible until the lifetime of Moses). In speaking of the pre-Flood society, Jasher 4:18 states that their knowledgeable class “taught the mixing of animals of one species with the other, in order, therewith, to provoke the Lord” until this corrupt practice of mixing species together became so widespread that Jasher (like the Bible) records that God had to exterminate all air-breathing life forms on the planet as they had all become “corrupted.” In other words, their DNA had become so mixed and corrupted that the originally-created species of mankind and animals that God made in Creation Week to inhabit the earth were almost all gone. It is very sobering to consider that mankind is now developing and deploying the very same transgenic technologies which provoked God into exterminating all life on earth—except for those preserved on the Ark. In “mixing the species” together to develop “unnatural” creatures that couldn’t exist without laboratory technologies such as CRISPR, mankind is heading down the same road which almost led to mankind’s extinction in the past.

Mankind today is so duped that it doesn’t even admit the existence of the Creator God who painstakingly designed the DNA of all animal species plus mankind. In theory, mankind could cause its own extinction by administering “unnatural” DNA into all newborns via a “vaccination” process. Mankind could provoke its own extinction as God would predictably do the same thing he did when mankind made itself into a transgenic species in the pre-Flood world (Malachi 3:6). Thankfully, the Bible’s latter-day prophecies are full of assurances that God will intervene to prevent such an outcome from happening. We must remember that to the Creator God, the entire earth is his planetary “terrarium” on which he created all his deigned species to live in a perfect balance according to the way he hard-wired into their DNA. When the species on earth become entirely transgenic or scientifically-mutated, the Creator God reserves the right to wipe out all “corrupted” life forms and start life on his earth all over again. He has already done this twice. He wiped out planetary life when the dinosaurs were exterminated and he did it again in Noah’s time. The first extinction resulted in a Divine Creation of new mammalian species on the earth, as Genesis 1 relates, and the second extinction was barely averted when a few samples of creatures with uncorrupted DNA were saved with Noah’s family on the Ark.

Will future “mad scientists,” for whatever reasons, try to hijack the human race and turn it into a transgenic species via pre- or post-natal “vaccinations” or via some other methodology (via water supplies or aerial/breathable means)? If such a cataclysmic plan ever is developed, you can be sure the human race will not be told about it or asked to approve it. What is certain is that mankind has now developed and is using the same DNA-corrupting technologies which previously provoked God into destroying “all flesh” on the earth (Genesis 7:17-23). How far these technologies have actually “advanced” is surely not being revealed to the general public. However, God knows the answer to that question. Modern mankind is deceived into thinking it is so far advanced when it is actually still in the process of catching up to the technological level attained by mankind in the pre-Flood world. Solomon was quite right when he observed in Ecclesiastes 1:9-10 that “there is nothing new under the sun” and that everything that is done now has previously been done long before our time.

The more that DNA-manipulation and DNA-alteration technologies spread in the modern world, the more we are duplicating what happened in the pre-Flood world–assuring us that we are, without doubt, living in the latter days of our age.



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A new and virulent disease is spreading around the world, and, so far, there is no treatment for it. It has spread into many nations, but it is hard to know how far it has spread because hospitals, treatment facilities, and even governments are hushing it up because they feel “there is no point in scaring patients –or prospective ones” (first link).  It is impossible to know how many cases actually exist due to the intense secrecy about the disease, but it can have a huge effect wherever it strikes. The first two links indicate that it first appeared in Japan in 2009, has spread to Venezuela, Spain, the United Kingdom, India, Pakistan, India, South Africa, and the USA. The disease is a fungal infection called Candida Auris, and it has manifested in at least four different forms. When it infects a health care facility, its effects can be devastating for the hospital or care facility. The first link reports that it “spread through a hospital in Spain [and] forced a prestigious British medical center to shut down its intensive care unit.” The links report that some patients have been so infected with Candida Auris that efforts to deeply sanitize their rooms after their deaths have failed to eradicate the fungus–which seems impervious to the usual anti-fungal treatments.

Clearly, healthcare facilities and even governments have concealed information about this disease as it would be “bad for business” if their facilities were known to have the disease. Obviously, since the disease is so hard to eradicate in facilities that are infected with Candida Auris, prospective patients would choose to go elsewhere if they were allowed to know if a prospective facility was infected. The first link adds that there is an atmosphere of “hushed panic” among hospitals and health care providers about this disease. In America, the CDC did not issue any notice about the danger of Candida auris until 2016, but filings now indicate that at least 587 cases have been reported in the USA–mostly limited to the states of New York, New Jersey, and Illinois. Both the first two links report that the disease is easily spread and has a high lethality rate. Approximately half of all patients die within the first 90 days of infection. The true extent of the spread of this disease is not really known since hospitals and care facilities have a huge motivation to hide evidence about infected patients, and there may not even be an official requirement for infected locations to report cases of Candida auris. The second link reports that in some Chicago nursing homes, 50% of patients have already tested positive for the disease. Until all cases of this untreatable disease are required to be reported, it is evident that the true extent of its spread will be under-reported–perhaps greatly so.

The first two links also discuss how this disease may have started. One theory is that this fungal disease has been around for some time and that it has just recently developed into a super germ due to the overuse of anti-fungal chemicals in various agricultural usages. However, the first link has this curious statement about the confusing origin and emergence of Candida auris: “Somehow, it made a jump almost seemingly simultaneously and seemed to spread and it is drug-resistant, which is really mind-boggling (emphasis added).” Perhaps it did emerge naturally and spontaneously due to overuse of chemical antifungals, but it is most odd that it seemed to emerge in four distinct variants simultaneously in various parts of the world and that is emerged in a drug-resistant form in all four variants right from its initial appearance. It is my view that the “mind-boggling” way Candida auris emerged in a highly-developed and lethal form from its onset and that it “simultaneously” emerged in widely-separated parts of the world requires that one other possible origin for this disease be considered. Given that it emerged in separate locations in multiple variants (all deadly) and that it was drug-resistant from its origin argues that it may be a man-made, bio-engineered disease. Given the widespread availability of scientific laboratory equipment, CRISPR gene-modification tools, and other advanced technologies, it is possible that either (A) some mad scientists developed this disease strain to be a lethal biological weapon and that it somehow (because it reportedly spreads easily) escaped from its laboratory confines, or (B) it was deliberately bio-engineered and released into multiple populations in various nations as a secretive bio-terrorist act. Since the origin of Candid auris and why it emerged so deadly from its onset are questions that are still unanswered, I hope that responsible government health authorities in affected nations will pursue all possible origins for it until its real genesis is confirmed. Obviously, finding a treatment is of the utmost urgency.

Readers will notice that the first two links are both from the New York Times, and I recommend readers review both articles as they are separate stories with overlapping and different information.  As an indicator of how intensely global governments and media sources have been suppressing this story, I’ve enclosed the third link which is a web search for this topic. Few major media have reported anything about this spreading fungal plague, and some of the sources simply reprinted one of the stories contained in the first two links from the New York Times. The Times is to be commended for publicizing this risk to the public. I think it speaks volumes about how deadly this disease is that governments and media sources have concealed this story for years. Clearly, they do not want to risk infected facilities going bankrupt due to prospective patients avoiding infected facilities and they do not want to risk scaring off tourists and businesses from infected locales. However, the disease is highly-lethal and the public needs to know the truth about it. Clearly, if anyone needs to enter a hospital for treatment or is considering entering a nursing home, the facility should be asked if it has had anyone test positive for Candida auris before entering such a facility.

The emergence of this highly-lethal fungal disease in widely-separated parts of the globe does have a possible biblically-prophetic implication. It is very, provable, that we are now living in the biblically-prophesied “latter days” of our current age (see my article Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days?). Many biblical prophecies for the latter-days have come to pass–some with amazing specificity. That prophecies which are millennia old are simultaneously coming to pass in our time cannot be a random coincidence. The only explanation is that the Creator God who inspired those prophecies is making them come to pass in our time because it is now in his timetable to bring our current sinful age to an end and begin a prophesied “millennium” or “Messianic Age” ruled by a Divine Messiah–which we Christians see as the returning Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ himself prophesied in Matthew 24:7 that “pestilences” would emerge and spread in the latter days, and the prophecy about the “four horsemen of the apocalypse” in Revelation 6:1-8 appears to be consistent with the prophecy in Matthew 24. The “pale” horse of Revelation 6’s prophecy appears to represent pestilences while the other three “horses” represent deception, war, and famine. All these same global phenomena are found in the prophecy in Matthew 24:3-7 about the latter days.

Will Candida auris prove to be one of the prophesied “pestilences” of Matthew 24:3-8?  We do not yet know but will have to wait and see how widespread this fungal disease becomes. However, the fact that global governments, media, and even health care facilities have chosen to conceal the existence and extent of this disease reveals just how scared they are of Candida auris. Since they have been too afraid to even speak of it, should we, the general public, be equally as concerned? It is long past time that the public authorities reveal the real extent of this spreading disease and that the media insist on having this information so they can inform the public.

My thanks to a reader for tipping me off to this story.


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Very quietly and without fanfare, Japan has strengthened its military forces to the point that it now becomes “the fourth most powerful military” force in the world (first link). It is also embarking on weapons-procurement programs that will make its military forces much more powerful.

It is not surprising that Japan would build a large armed force given its geographical position in the world. It is located near China and off the east coast of Russia, two of the superpower military nations on the earth. Those two nations, along with the USA, surely constitute the top three conventional military powers in the world today. Given the rapid militarization of China, Japan has no choice but to beef up its military forces if it wishes to stay an independent nation. The first link has several items very worthy of mention. It stated that Japan’s defense budget for 2019 is $900 billion. If that figure is correct, that it a sum larger than the proposed new US military budget for 2019 (which is circa $750 billion)! That means that Japan would likely have the largest reported defense budget of any nation on earth in the next year. Keep in mind that when I write “reported” military budget, I regard Russia’s and China’s military budgets as being substantially understated. Another reason why Russia’s and China’s military budgets sound artificially low is that these autocratic nations don’t need to worry about “paying union wages” on their defense contractors.

Where is Japan’s emphasis in their military build-up plans? The first link reports that some areas include purchasing mid-and long-range cruise missiles, supersonic glide bombs, hypersonic missiles which can travel at least Mach 5, new American-made F-35Bs which are naval variants of the F-35 airframe, etc. Japan is also purchasing new Joint Strike Missiles for the F-35s it is ordering for its military forces (more on that shortly). The size of Japan’s new military budget allows for massive increases in military power in all types of weapons, but let’s examine just a few of them in greater detail. It is clear that Japan is building or buying cruise missiles that can penetrate deep into China in the event of a war.  Guess which nation is selling to Japan its new Joint Strike Missiles? The second link and third link reveal it is NATO-member, Norway, which is building these new missiles for Japan. These missiles are very important to all nations that will use the new F-35 warplane as this new long-range missile will fit inside the fuselage of the F-35 so its stealth capabilities are not compromised. These links do not mention a range for these new missiles, but I found a link which did offer that information. The fourth link states that this Norwegian-built missile has a range of 550 km and that Japan is building domestically-made cruise missiles that will travel an unspecified distance further than 400 km. The fourth link also has interesting related links about Japanese military programs and priorities. It is also worth mentioning that, nations rarely ever give the true extent of their new weapon’s capabilities. This means that these new cruise missiles being bought from Norway by Japan may actually have a significantly longer actual range than the stated range.

Japan could not buy cruise missiles of that range from the USA yet because the USA is bound by an arms treaty with the former USSR that limits medium-range missiles with certain ranges. President Trump has served notice that the USA is voiding that treaty, and one reason is that China and Iran are not bound by those limitations. I’m so glad the modern Norwegians, the modern descendants of the ancient Vikings, stepped forth to build those medium range cruise missiles for Japan. As soon as the treaty expiration period is reached for these missiles and the USA is not bound by any range limits for cruise missiles, I expect the USA will also make such missiles or simply co-produce the missile now being built by the Norwegians.

The fifth link reports that Japan is going to do something that I wrote in previous posts would almost surely be done. Japan is buying F-35B warplanes from the USA to equip their “flat-top destroyers” (i.e. helicopter carriers) to handle and serve F-35B warplanes. In other words, Japan will be converting their helicopter carriers to aircraft carriers when this plan is implemented. I believe that Japan has two such carriers at present so they will possess two aircraft carriers as soon as this action is taken.

Even if Japan is the fourth largest military force in terms of conventional weapons, Japan has no nuclear weapons at present. Its Constitution does not allow it to have nuclear weaponry, but as China’s militarism continues, it is likely only a matter of time until Japan is forced by circumstances to “go nuclear.” It has long had enough civilian nuclear reactors to produce weapons-grade fissile materials, and it clearly has the technology to build nuclear weaponry of all types. As Wikipedia observes in the sixth link, it has been observed that Japan may already only be “a screwdriver’s turn” away from having a stockpile of nuclear weapons. This euphemism means that Japan could have already built the components for workable nuclear weapons, but it can plausibly deny it has nuclear weapons because it hasn’t actually assembled the components together yet. Given the need for deterrence, Japan may at some future point announce it is a nuclear power in order to deter China and Russia from attacking it. If the USA ever has the misfortune to elect a socialist/leftist president, Japan’s need to go nuclear will be greatly accelerated. Concerning other nuclear powers in the world, the United Kingdom and France are NATO allies of the USA that have nuclear weapons. Israel is widely assumed to have nuclear weapons and they are a US ally. Pakistan is an ally of China so its nukes are allied to China’s nukes. India, threatened by both China and Pakistan, is also a nuclear power and it is drawing steadily closer to the USA and other western nations.

It’s amazing how a few decades can see dramatic changes in national alliances. In World War II, the USA was allied to China and Russia vs. Japan and Germany. Today, the USA is allied to Japan and Germany against Russia and China. Japan has emerged as a particularly stalwart ally of the USA. I believe that Japan’s role as an ally of the USA and the Western nations was prophesied in the Bible in the latter-day prophecy found in Ezekiel 38-39.  If you would like to see the reasons why this assertion can be made, please read my free articles, Japan’s Role in Prophecy, What Ezekiel 38-39 Reveal about a Future World War III, and (to firmly document that we are living in the “latter day” time frame given for Ezekiel 38-39), see also my article, Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days?


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This post is to alert readers to a new movie which will have a limited release during April 9-13 of this year. I just found out about this new movie, which looks quite impressive and well worth seeing. The trailer for the movie is in the link below as well as a second segment which shows additional scenes from the movie. This movie tells the story of Noah and the Ark by presenting a live theater performance as a movie. The trailer shows actors, animals, and even birds all on the stage together. In the two segments, I saw horses, llamas, camels, birds and even a giant tortoise on stage with the actors. The closing scene presented in the trailer presents one of the biggest stage scene sets I’ve ever seen in my life.

The movie appears to be faithful to two aspects of biblical accounts of the Flood. It depicts Noah trying to warn a ruler of his time about the impending disaster, which had to happen during Noah’s real lifetime. II Peter 2:5 states Noah was a “preacher of righteousness” in his day, so he had to have warned rulers and commoners alike. A brief scene in the movie also indicates to me that the movie seeks to foreshadow the development of mankind’s racial differences in the post-Flood world by showing Noah’s three sons with wives of diverse races.

This looks like a very riveting presentation of the story of Noah and the Ark if these sample segments are any indication. Indeed, the segments create the impression that this movie will be a visual spectacle to be remembered! I hope the movie lives up to the expectations it has instilled in me. I certainly intend to see it as I consulted the theater’s link and found a theater in my city which is showing the movie on April 9, 11 and 13. If you have an interest in seeing this movie, I urge you to visit the indicated link to see if a theater in your area is also showing the movie. I do not know if this movie is being released only in the USA or it is being shown in other nations as well.

With the increasing efforts of the godless Left and humanist globalists to discredit the Bible, Christianity and the reality of a Living God, this kind of movie should, in my opinion, be enjoyed while such a movie can still be made and presented. This looks like a great movie to take children to as it will serve as a valuable teaching lesson for a very important biblical historical lesson.

Thank God for America’s First Amendment to the Constitution. While Americans (and hopefully people in other nations) will be able to see the movie, I can think of a number of nations where this movie would be censored so people in those nations would never be allowed to see this movie. I think Christians should patronize such efforts to bring Christian themes to the big screen. If a large number of people see the movie, perhaps more Biblically-thematic movies will be made in the future.

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Christians who study biblical prophecy have one overriding question that trumps all other questions about the future. That question is: When will Jesus Christ’s Second Coming occur? During his human lifetime, his disciples directly asked him that question as well (Matthew 24:3, Mark 13:4). Jesus’ answer was deliberately vague. He told them that the day or hour of his return was not only not known by any man, but also that even the angels of heaven did not possess that knowledge (Mark 13:30-33). Jesus’ answer said even he did not then have that knowledge, and that only the Father knew the answer to that question. However, Jesus did give a strong hint about the general timing of his return once the latter days of our age had arrived. This post is to give readers a commentary about his hint because we are now undoubtedly living in the latter days of this age. if any reader has doubts about that fact, please read my article, Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days? for clear biblical evidence supporting that assertion.

Let’s look at Jesus’ hint and also at two passages in the writings of the Apostles Paul and Peter who repeated Jesus’ hint in their epistles. We need to take this hint very seriously for it is also a warning to all believers. Jesus compared the timing of his Second Coming to the arrival of a “thief” who makes a surprise entry into a house during the night (Matthew 24:43). During a discourse in I Thessalonians 4:16-5:11 about the latter days and the return of Jesus Christ, Paul likened Jesus’ Return as being like the arrival of a “thief in the night” (I Thessalonians 5:2). Peter also addressed the same subject in II Peter 3:3-10 wherein he cites the question of scoffers who say “Where is the promise of his [Jesus Christ’s] coming?” In verse 10, Peter also says the “day of the Lord” (and the return of Jesus Christ) will come like “as a thief in the night.”

If a thief came into your residence in a home invasion, it would surely be an unexpected and shocking surprise. It may also occur at a time in the night when you were sleeping. Both these qualities will characterize Jesus Christ’s Second Coming. Not only will the world as a whole be surprised and shocked, but so will Jesus’ own followers. Let’s consider how this could possibly occur.

Serious students of biblical prophecy are aware that there are a variety of prophetic timetables that offer some possibility for calculating latter-day events. Revelation 13:1-4 reveals the time of the beast’s reign on earth before Christ returns will be 42 months. The ministry of the Two Witnesses (see my article, The Two Witnesses) will be 1,260 days (Revelation 11:3). Daniel 12:9-13 includes two cryptic periods of latter-day time tables that will equal 1,290 and 1,335 days. Daniel 12:7 and Revelation 12:14 mention a cryptic period lasting “a time, times and half a time.” Different authors, scholars, and denominations have varying interpretations about these timetables and what major events are attached to their significance. Over the decades, I’ve heard or read many opinions about “what has to happen” according to these timetables “before Jesus Christ can return.” The expectations of many Christians who take prophecy seriously have been formed by sermons, lectures, and articles on the subject. I’d like to challenge these expectations. It may shock some people, but Jesus Christ himself said that strictly relying on biblical timetables to calculate expectations about when he will return will result in erroneous conclusions. Jesus addressed this subject specifically in his parable of the ten virgins in Matthew 25:1-13. In this parable, Jesus likens his latter-day followers to ten virgins who are expecting a “bridegroom” (Christ) to come for them in the morning. Since they “know” his scheduled arrival is not scheduled to happen until the next morning, they all go to sleep. At midnight (quite early in the nighttime sequence), they are roused from sleep by the shocking and unexpectedly early arrival of the “bridegroom” (Jesus Christ). Half the “virgins” have enough “oil” in their lamps to go meet the bridegroom, but half do not and their lamps “go out” before Jesus comes. Jesus warns that the virgins (real latter-day believers) with insufficient oil will be excluded from the marriage feast (or “wedding supper of the lamb” as it is called in Revelation 19:9). Notice that all the latter-day believers (whether they had plenty of oil or not enough oil) are asleep when the bridegroom arrives on the scene. None of them expect Jesus Christ to return as early as he does.

How could all latter-day believers be oblivious to the reality that Jesus Christ’s return is imminent? I would suggest to you that they all assumed that their expectations about “when Jesus could come” were based on biblically-revealed timetables. They “knew,” based on their calculations, that Jesus Christ “couldn’t come” until certain prophesied events and timetables occurred first. However, Jesus will shock them all when he returns considerably earlier than any of them anticipated. How can this be? I believe this will happen because few take seriously what Jesus himself stated in Matthew 24: 21-22. In that passage, Jesus prophesied them that a time of “great tribulation” would occur in the latter days that would be so severe that “except those days be shortened, there should no flesh be saved.” The Greek word translated “days” in this passage is the same Greek word translated “days” in Revelation 11:3, 6, 9 and 11 where the same word pertains to latter-day prophetic timetables. What Jesus was warning in Matthew 24:22-23 is that his return will come before the prophetic timetables are fulfilled! Notice also the word “days” is plural so that leaves a lot of leeway in when Jesus Christ will return. Will he return two or three days before prophetic timetables are fulfilled or will he return 1,000 days before they are fulfilled? Either is possible because they are both a plurality of days. In Matthew 24:22, Jesus Christ tells us that there is actually room in God’s plan for Jesus Christ to come much earlier than the prophetic timetables would indicate. In other words, God’s divine intervention is not bound by the prophetic timetables. Matthew 24:22 tells us why Jesus will return earlier than biblical prophecies indicate. That verse tells us that if he waited until the prophetic timetables were fully completed, he would be returning to a dead earth because nothing would be left alive. Isaiah 2:1-4 tells us that there will still be plenty of people alive on earth when the Messianic Age/Millennium begins because there will then still be “nations” on earth. Zechariah 14:16-19 prophesy that all the nations on earth will send people to attend the Feast of Tabernacles at that time. Revelation 2:26 also prophesies there will be enough people on earth to constitute the nations that will be ruled by the saints. In other words, Jesus Christ is going to return long before the latter-day events become so cataclysmic that all life or “the nations” would be exterminated on the earth.

In Matthew 24:22-23, Jesus Christ stated that despite whatever is prophesied in latter-day prophetic timetables, he reserves the right to come as early as he needs to prevent mankind from annihilating itself. Such extermination could easily come from a global World War III getting out of control or it could come from an innocuous event in some secret laboratory where a wrong-headed experiment could set off, for example, a matter-antimatter reaction that would consume the planet.  Let’s speculate on how this could occur. The Hadron Supercollider/CERN project in Europe is probing ever-deeper into the sub-atomic realm that God created. The scientists there are essentially “mining” the uttermost sub-atomic limits of the physical universe as they seek to find what is “on the other side” of what string-theory scientists would call a “membrane” between dimensions. This may have a catastrophic outcome they do not anticipate. I’ll offer a possibility for your consideration. The link below explains that scientists’ equations about the origin of the physical universe state that an equal amount of matter and anti-matter (sub-atomic particles equal to “matter” particles but with opposite charge) should have been created. No one knows what happened to the missing equal amount of anti-matter, but it is known that when such opposite particles come in contact, they destroy each other. You can do a web search for “Where is the missing anti-matter?” to see how many scientific articles have been written on this subject. Genesis 1:1 states God “created the heaven [singular] and the earth,” but Genesis 2:1 states that after Creation week, God had created “the heavens [plural] and the earth.” I have traditionally believed that this verse referring to plural heavens referred to our atmosphere, outer space, and the spirit world. That may be the case, but what if all that missing anti-matter was placed by God just outside our dimension and separated from our dimension so we do not instantly annihilate our dimension and whatever is “on the other side” of what God has created?

Please understand that I am not stating that this specific possibility will be the reason why Jesus Christ returns. I’m trying to point out one example of how Jesus Christ might have to return at a time when no one on the earth is expecting him. As mankind continues to learn how the Creator put this universe together, sinful mankind might make a terrible mistake applying forbidden knowledge to a real-world experiment. I Timothy 3:1-9 gives a litany of the evils that will increasingly characterize mankind as the latter days progress to the end of the age. Please read through that list and consider the question: Do you trust increasingly evil mankind to do what is right with forbidden knowledge about how our universe was assembled? I think the answer to that question indicates that mankind may do something so deliberately evil or stupid that Jesus Christ has to return quickly to stop mankind from destroying itself in a way that does not involve warfare.

There are a variety of reasons that could necessitate the early return of Jesus Christ. What is clear is that Jesus Christ foretold he would be forced to come sooner than the prophetic timetables would indicate in order to save mankind and “all flesh.”  Matthew 24:44 and 25:13 tell us it is far more important to be spiritually “ready” for Jesus Christ’s return than to be able to predict the day of his return. It is also evident that Jesus Christ stated he would come sooner than his followers expected in the latter days, not later. For additional in-depth information about Jesus Christ’s warnings to the churches about the latter days and their readiness for his return, please read my articles, Jesus Christ’s Five Warnings to Latter-Day Believers.

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