For reasons no one can explain, a strange tremor passed through much of the earth on November 11, 2018. According to the first link, second link, and third link, which describe the event, the tremor apparently originated near Madagascar and was felt in South America, Canada, New Zealand, Hawaii, etc. This odd tremor lasted 20 minutes and did no surface damage; however, scientists are at a loss to explain what caused it or why it happened. Earthquake activity is one cause that is obvious speculation, but some scientists are saying the measurements of this tremor do not look like earthquake activity. One source stated “Its something quite new…,” and another observed it was “too perfect to be natural.” A third source is quoted as saying that “It was as though the planet rang like a bell.” Another theory asserts that “magmatic movement” may have triggered this planetary tremor, meaning that movement in the earth’s magma layers may have caused this unusual earth tremor.

One thing I believe is certain: the tremor was caused either by (A) a natural planetary phenomenon, (B) man-made events, or (C) spiritual or non-earthly origins. I see no other alternatives. Let’s consider these options. Any kind of magma movement or seismic activity would classify as a natural planetary event causing this tremor. It is also true that it may be some physical phenomenon that mankind has not previously experienced. Modern mankind’s ability to understand our planet’s activity is largely limited to the industrial age when we have been able to measure planetary events and activities. However, the entire industrial age is a mere eye-blink in terms of the cosmological age of our planet. Our earth may have natural cycles about which we know nothing because they may take place over millennia or even eons. This tremor may have been a symptom of an earthly cycle that is normal, but one which mankind has not experienced in recorded history. The fourth link comments on the connections between the earth’s magnetic field and movements of magma or the mantle under the earth’s surface. Notice that it comments on the interrelationship between magma/mantle movements with possible reversals in the earth’s magnetic field.

Just a few days ago, I posted about the accelerating movement of the earth’s magnetic pole from its former location within Canada to its current position nearing Russia’s north coast (fifth link). That post examined the possibility that we may be approaching a “flip” of the earth’s magnetic field which would cause havoc with modern mankind’s technology which is dependent on electricity and fine-tuned electronic instruments of all kinds. That post cited scientific sources which report that the earth has had many such pole reversals in its history and that it is currently overdue for such a magnetic pole reversal. Given the known connections between the earth’s magnetic field and subsurface movements involving the earth’s magma and mantle, could this odd planetary tremor be a typical precursor to a flip of the magnetic fields? There is no way of knowing because modern mankind has no records of what kinds of planetary phenomenon precede a reversal of the earth’s magnetic field. However, this possibility does need to be considered. If a reversal of the earth’s magnetic field is drawing near, we may experience other unusual or unprecedented planetary “signals” that such a pole reversal is nearing.

Could this earth tremor be a man-made event? For years, there have been reports that HAARP or some kind of tectonic or directed energy weapons can create earthquakes, affect hurricanes or cause other planetary effects (sixth link). The Hadron Supercollider in Europe also is conducting experiments that seek to understand the links between our physical world of matter and the quantum world that also exists. Such experiments have documented that “spooky action at a distance” does occur at the subatomic level where subatomic physical particles become “entangled” in a quantum connection which is not understood. One cannot dismiss that high-tech, secret projects conducted by clandestine agencies could cause planetary effects which we (or they) may not understand or even anticipate, but this is a speculative possibility.

The third option is that this odd planetary tremor has a spiritual or non-earthly origin. A few months ago, I examined a biblical theme which I don’t think many Christians have considered. That post was entitled “The land will spew you out,” and it focused on a divine warning to the ancient Israelites that there is a connection between weather and atmospheric behavior and the spiritual condition of human beings living on a region of land (seventh link). Leviticus 18:28 and 20:22 warned the Israelites that the land and weather would bless them if they were obedient to God and that it would turn against them if they were disobedient. This scriptural warning is a serious one as it indicated that sinful conduct among human populations could cause natural earthly weather phenomena to become so damaging that the sinful people would be forced to abandon the land. This scripture indicates that there is a direct connection between the spiritual “temperature” of a people and what kind of weather or atmospheric conditions they will experience. This begs the question: If all mankind steadily becomes more sinful, does it mean the entire earth will become more hostile to the sinful population living on it. The answer would seem to be “yes,” and since II Timothy 3:1-9 prophesied all mankind would become very sinful in the latter days, we might expect planetary weather to steadily deteriorate. Earthquakes, droughts, tsunamis, and hurricanes were specifically prophesied for the latter days (Matthew 24:6 and Luke 21:25-28). Isaiah 24 and Revelation 8:6-13 warn of far more serious disasters that are prophesied to befall the earth if mankind does not repent. If you have not read the aforementioned two posts, I urge you to do so.

Modern mankind has duped itself into thinking that God does not exist. Mankind is wrong. Romans 1:17-32 warns that there will be serious consequences for those who do not want to “retain God in their knowledge” (Roman 1:28). Psalm 14:1 warns that only fools believe “there is no God.” The reality of God can be proven in many ways. One way is that the Bible has many ancient prophecies about life on earth during the latter days which have specifically come to pass in our time. What may surprise many is that the facts of the Bible’s teaching about the pre-history of the earth do not at all conflict with science. To confirm these assertions, please read my free articles, Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days? and Is the Earth 6,000 Years Old?

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Events in the United Kingdom regarding its Brexit from the EU are happening quickly. As I’m sure readers know, Prime Minister Teresa May’s Brexit deal negotiated over almost two years with the EU leadership came to a decisive end in the House of Commons when it was defeated by a resounding 432-202 vote (first link). The long talks and negotiations between May’s government and the EU leaders proved to be a complete waste of time as that deal was crushed in the British Parliamentary vote. I think everyone who was following this story was expecting this deal to fail, but the margin of its defeat was surprising. Indeed, there were reports of EU leaders being “horrified” at the deal’s crushing defeat (second link). Other reports I’ve read describe EU leaders as being “stunned” by the outcome. Even so, the second link indicates the EU’s first reaction was not to renegotiate the deal. If that remains the EU’s position, then the odds of a “no deal” Brexit on March 29th have risen considerably, no matter what happens in the United Kingdom. The default reality is that unless both the UK and EU approve a new deal of some kind, there will be a no-deal Brexit on March 29th.

https://video.foxnews.com/v/embed.js?id=5989736891001&w=466&h=263Watch the latest video at foxnews.com

Trying to take advantage of the crushing Brexit deal defeat, British Labour party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, quickly called for a “no confidence vote” to be considered in the House of Commons (third link), and this motion was debated and defeated the very next day, albeit by a very close 325-306 margin (third link). It may surprise some global observers that May could be crushed in her Brexit deal vote, but win a “no confidence vote” the very next day. This has an easy answer. Corbyn wants to be Prime Minister, but that would require new national elections in the UK. That would only have happened if May had lost Corbyn’s no-confidence motion, but even those in May’s own Tory party who helped crush her Brexit deal are horrified at the prospect of Corbyn becoming Prime Minister so they stuck with May whatever her flaws. Former British Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, who helped lead the anti-Brexit deal winning side, was quite clear that he would support May instead of Corbyn as the Prime Minister (fourth link). He also stated his advice to May that she now go back to the EU and negotiate a realistic Brexit deal that is far more favorable to the UK; however, he also acknowledged that the government had to make preparations for a no-deal Brexit on March 29th (fourth link).

Where does this process go from here? There are several options, but two of the principle options that have been discussed to date are now “off the table” due to this week’s votes in Parliament. There will be no Brexit deal as negotiated by May and the EU, and there will be no new national British elections before the March 29th Brexit date. The primary options at this point are (A) preparing for a no-deal Brexit on March 29th, (B) negotiating a new Brexit deal or asking for an extension of the Brexit deadline with the EU, (C) holding a new Brexit referendum in the UK or (D) having the UK adopt a relationship with the EU as is currently held by Norway, Iceland and Lichtenstein. Let’s consider these options.

The EU is now clearly making preparations for a “no deal” Brexit on March 29. The EU has proposed to the UK a multi-point deal for the post-Brexit period that would allow air and surface traffic to continue largely unchanged, allow financial transactions to occur unhindered and allow the UK and EU citizens living in each other’s respective jurisdictions to continue enjoying their current rights and privileges (fifth link). I found the EU’s list of proposed transitional measures to be entirely reasonable, and it is clear that no “chaos” would result if they are adopted by both the EU and the UK. Even the manager of the EU’s port at Calais (through which much of the EU-UK commerce passes on trucks/lorries) expects no meaningful difficulties or interruptions in truck traffic between the EU and the UK if a “no deal” Brexit occurs (sixth link). The UK and the EU nations are all WTO signatories, so their commerce would simply be regulated by WTO rules instead of EU rules. It is especially worth noting that the EU’s list of transitional measures includes “preventing] disruptions in the clearing of derivatives” between UK and EU banks (fifth link).  Many laymen will read right over that, but this provision is actually crucial to avoiding a collapse of the global banking system. If counterparty relationships between major UK and EU banks broke down, it could trigger a global banking and financial collapse. This fact alone argues that some kind of deal or transitional arrangement must be reached between the EU and UK as the UK leaves the EU. The EU so far sounds very unwilling to negotiate a new Brexit deal, but if May makes it clear that the House of Commons will not approve any “$39 billion” divorce agreement payment from the UK to the EU without a new deal that could rivet the attention of the EU to a new reality. The EU is also holding new EU parliamentary elections in May and it needs to know whether UK will have slates of candidates running for EU seats before that campaigning begins. This fact alone makes it very hard for any extension of the Brexit deadline to occur. A new Brexit referendum in the UK is possible, but there is little time remaining for such a vote and both May and Corbyn has been publicly opposed to such a thing happening so one or both of them would have to publicly make themselves a liar to promote such an option publicly. Also, if a second referendum was held, it would set a precedent that the globalists will never accept any nationalist vote of the citizens of any nation but will require repeated votes until the people did what the globalist elites demand of them. Such a brazen totalitarian act by the elites would likely embolden and stimulate a large wave of nationalist fervor all over Europe just as the EU’s own parliamentary vote is about to be held–this is something the EU elites definitely want to prevent.

Another discussed possibility is that the UK adopt a relationship to the EU similar to that of Norway. Norway is not a member of the EU, but it has favorable commercial and trade ties to all EU nations even as Norway retains its sovereignty and selects which EU trade rules it wishes to implement within its borders (see seventh link and eighth link). This option was rejected by the EU when it thought it would get the British to accept the Brexit deal (or “surrender”) that it wanted to impose on the UK via Teresa May. It may now look better than a no-deal exit at this point. An analysis by FoxNews (last link) argues that the “no deal” option is actually the best option for both the UK and the USA, and that analysis makes good points. I think it is clear that the shrill screams of those who warn that a no-deal Brexit will bring about an apocryphal chaos all over Europe are severely overwrought.

In looking at this from a biblical perspective, I consider the applicability of a prophecy in Genesis 49 to the current situations of both the UK and USA. Genesis 49:1 states that this chapter contains a prophecy about the destiny and/or national characteristics of all the latter-day nations/tribes which would be descended from the patriarch, Jacob, whose name was changed to Israel (Genesis 35:10). The prophecy for the brother tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh (the sons of “Joseph”) is given in verses 22-26. It foretells that the latter days would be a time when the descendants of these two tribes would enjoy  a special outpouring of the “birthright blessings” that were first promised to Abraham, Issac and Jacob/Israel. These blessings include national wealth and all kinds of national blessings. This prophecy also foretells that these tribes would be “hated” and either “attacked or harassed” (depending on the translation) in the latter days. However, it also prophesies that when they are hated and attacked/harassed, God would strengthen them against their rivals. Those who have read my books or listening to my audio messages at the “speeches” tab at my homepage know that the modern nations of the tribe of Ephraim are the British, Canadian, Australian and New Zealander peoples. The American nation represents the modern tribe of Manasseh. These nations have enjoyed the lion’s share of national blessings for at least the last 150 years, fulfilling the prophecy of Genesis 49:22-26. They are also a group of nations and a single great nation with “brother” cultures, fulfilling the prophecy about Ephraim and Manasseh in Genesis 48:14-21).

It is interesting to note that in the prophecy of Genesis 49:22-26 about the tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh in the latter days that there isn’t the slightest hint that either tribe would lose the birthright blessing at any time during the latter days. Indeed, verses 22-24 argues that God will intervene in their behalf to make sure they are not robbed of the birthright blessing in the latter days. As 2016 dawned, it looked like the British nation would be subsumed into an EU that was ruled by unelected elites and it appeared Hillary Clinton would win the American presidential election which would have subsumed the USA into a globalist-dominated world order. The globalist plans for both nations went off the rails when the British unexpectedly voted to leave the EU in the Brexit vote and the Americans unexpectedly elected the nationalist/anti-globalist candidate, Donald Trump. The globalists have “harassed” these outcomes ever since, trying to reverse the Brexit vote via May’s “deal” that would have made the UK more subservient to the EU than ever before, and via endless investigations and allegations vs. Donald Trump (while ignoring the many alleged corruptions of Hillary Clinton and the American Deep State globalists). Could it be that these globalist efforts to pull the UK and USA back into subservience to the global elites’ agendas have failed due to divine guidance of all outcomes?  Atheists would scoff at such a conclusion, but it is entirely logical from a biblical/spiritual perspective. It is not yet clear what the final Brexit outcome will be, but it is clear that the effort to make the UK essentially a colony of the EU via Teresa May’s deal failed miserably. The British were delivered from that fate.

For more information on topics discussed above, please read my free articles, Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days?, The Tribe of Joseph in the Latter Days and The USA in Biblical Prophecy.

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Something very odd is happening with the earth’s electromagnetic field, and even the mainstream media has begun to pay attention. This post is for the purpose of alerting readers of this blog to a phenomenon that may greatly impact their lives in the years ahead of us. The first link, from the German media, reports that the earth’s “magnetic” north pole is starting to move at an accelerating rate, causing “navigation as we know it to be in jeopardy.” Scientists do not know why the earth’s magnetic field is changing so quickly, but the world’s high-tech navigational systems will need to be reset soon to keep them from becoming inaccurate. The first link has a good graphic showing that the “Magnetic” north pole has moved rather rapidly northward from roughly the southern part of Hudson Bay just north of Ontario, Canada, to a point where it is now past the geographic north pole in the Arctic Ocean and is now heading toward the northern coast of Russia. The second link, from Reuters, adds that the earth’s magnetic north pole is now moving toward Russia at a rate of 50 km (30 miles) per year. Navigational systems in the northern parts of the world are already jeopardized by the accelerating movement of the magnetic north pole, but navigational systems in the middle latitudes are not affected….yet.

The third link, from the American media, states that an “urgent update” to the world’s navigational systems is needed soon and that the earth’s magnetic field is also undergoing a major change in northern South America and the Eastern Pacific region. The rapidly-changing “magnetic north” location may not yet affect those of us living in the middle latitudes of the earth, but it can affect us as well if we travel. For example, if you are flying a “polar route” in an airliner from North America to Europe or Asia, your airplane may not actually be in the location that it’s onboard computer thinks it is. Satellites or rockets that fly in polar orbits will also be affected. Hence, the need for a fix to occur on a fairly “urgent” basis.

There is a larger and more important consideration related to the changes in the earth’s magnetic field. The fourth link offers a scientific analysis of the changes that could indicate that the earth is headed toward a complete reversal of its magnetic poles. Geologic records indicate that the earth is overdue for such a switch in its magnetic field and it adds that a weakened magnetic field and growing anomalies in the earth’s measured magnetic field argue that we may be headed toward a full reversal in the planet’s magnetic field  (i.e. the north magnetic pole could become the south magnetic pole and vice versa). This would raise havoc with migratory birds and other species who migrate by following the lines of the earth’s magnetic field. The fourth link also adds that another major anomaly in the earth’s magnetic field has been growing across the Southern Atlantic region from South America to South Africa. This anomaly is called a “reverse flux patch” where the earth’s magnetic field is not acting normally or predictably according to the past history of the earth’s magnetic field. Ominously, the link hints at just how confused the magnetic field of the planet could become if a complete geomagnetic pole reversal does occur. It states that such an event could result in a “multi-polar magnetic field for a time.” In layman’s terms, I think that means that we may have more than one magnetic north (or south) pole at the same time for an unknown period of time. Can you imagine how this would short-circuit all man-made electronic and navigational systems everywhere? Say good-bye to GPS navigational systems if this occurs. This has both military and civilian implications. For example, will any military or civilian systems that depend on the current navigational reference points be functional during/after a pole shift? Can ICBMs be reliably targeted at intended points on earth if the earth’s magnetic field becomes unstable and changing? How will airliners fly in cloudy weather when their instruments are not working right?

Perhaps you might ask the obvious question: If the risk is so great, why aren’t governments preparing for such a situation? The short answer is that they are, but the conclusions are largely kept secret in order to not scare the members of the general public in all nations. One governmental study, prepared for the US government from a military point of view, is included as the fifth link of this post.  It is written in a governmental style and vocabulary so its content can easily be underappreciated. It is somewhat lengthy, but I’ll point out some of the main conclusions about just how bad things could get if our planet experiences a magnetic pole reversal.

This 2015 study notes that scientists estimate the earth has already experienced approximately 143 pole reversals in its geologic history, and it affirms that we are now long overdue for such a “flip” in the earth’s magnetic field (p.5). It also reports that our planet’s magnetic field has weakened by an “astounding 40% over 400 years” (p. 7). The report offers predictions on how a pole reversal could affect major high-tech systems on which our modern world is dependent (communications, satellites, power grids, food supply and distribution, economic infrastructures, etc.). Those who read the entire document will see that its warnings are actually quite grim. It shows that a magnetic field reversal would also make the earth much more vulnerable to electromagnetic pulse damage from mass coronal ejections from the sun. The report focuses on the massive damage that would be done to the United States, but its warnings apply to all other nations’ electrical and electronic systems as well. This report, prepared by/for the US military, states that the damage could be so bad that the effects of a magnetic pole reversal could “push the industrialized world back into the 18th century.” It adds that “a large number of Americans would die” (p. 23), and it includes a map of the USA which shows what parts of the continental American states would be most vulnerable to electric grid failures from a magnetic field reversal. It warns that if we have a weakened magnetic field around the earth, the planet’s surface will also be exposed to dangerous “space weather” that we are currently protected from by our stronger magnetic field. The report warns that it is possible we could have a world where the internet and all digital communications systems crash, where electrical grids crash, etc. The possible consequences of a magnetic field reversal on earth could be catastrophic, this report warns. I think it is worth your time to read it and consider what preventive actions you may want to take in case such an event happens.

The Apostle Paul warned that “perilous times” would characterize the latter days of our current age on earth (I Timothy 3:1). Interestingly, we are especially vulnerable to a magnetic pole reversal because we have a high-tech world. A low-tech world would be scared by some magnetic pole shift effects, but a pre-electric society’s infrastructure would not really be affected by such an event. Isaiah 24:1 includes a prophecy that the world will “turn upside down” as part of a series of frightening planetary events prophesied in that chapter. I have previously wondered if major tectonic changes could fulfill this prophecy as well as the one in verses 19-20 about the earth “reeling to and fro like a drunkard” from the impacts of a meteor and/or a comet hitting the earth (Revelation 8:8-11). Perhaps if any readers are Hebrew-speakers, they can determine whether the language of the prophecy in Isaiah 25:1 could be fulfilled by the magnetic poles of the earth quite literally turning “upside down” if we experience a pole reversal. In Jesus Christ’s prophecy about the events of the latter days which will precede his Second Coming, he warned of “Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken (emphasis added).”  Whatever he had in mind when he uttered that prophecy, it is clear that there will be a massive wave of fear-induced heart attacks due to heavenly events that will occur upon/to the earth. A complete magnetic pole reversal, impacts from meteors and comets, a confused magnetic field where compasses won’t work right, and other unexpected “space weather” traumas would certainly cause such reactions. I think it is clear that before the return of Jesus Christ, all mankind will learn that we are only guests on the earth that the Creator has made and that he is angry with what mankind has done with his entire creation. Revelation 6:12-17 foretells that mankind will be terrified (and even suicidal) as one planetary/heavenly shock after another happens to the planet. These are warnings that we need to take seriously.

For extensive documentation that we are living in the prophesied end-times of our age, please read my free article, Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days? For common sense strategies to prepare for the uncertainties of what the future may bring, please read my free article, Should Christians Prepare for Future Hard Times?


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Something important has happened, the importance of which the American media has overlooked. A few days ago, the US government downgraded the diplomatic status of the EU “Ambassador” in Washington, DC. from that equal to a nation-state to a lesser status. It is a symbolic gesture, but it has very real significance.

Previously the Ambassador to the USA from the EU was given a status equal to ambassadors from actual nation-states. The Trump administration has just downgraded the EU’s ambassador from nation-state status to that of an “International organization.” On the face of it, this would not seem to be all that noteworthy as the EU is not a nation-state and is, in fact, an international organization. This means the US action simply acknowledges the reality of the EU’s real status in the world. However, the EU intensely wants to be regarded as a pan-European, political entity which is the equal of actual nation states so this downgrade is immensely important from a diplomatic point of view. It clearly means the USA no longer regards the EU as speaking for Europe, and that henceforth, American relations with European nations will be conducted on a bilateral basis with each European nation–not via the EU. The first link, second link and third link, from British and German media sources, report the EU is very upset about this downgrade and that it is particularly upset that the Trump administration did it without any prior notification to the EU. I think the EU is especially upset because if it had received prior notification, the EU would have mobilized fellow globalists all over the USA to try to head off the downgrade. By downgrading the EU’s diplomatic status without notification, Trump presented the EU’s globalists with a fait accompli about which they could do nothing.

This action highlights the deep struggle occurring between the globalists and nationalists all across the world. The globalists (who favor international governments presiding over the nations) thought that they were having everything their way in the march of history in recent decades until the Brexit vote in the United Kingdom and the election of Donald Trump as US President brought their agendas to a screeching halt. Since then, nationalists have been rising all over Europe and globalists have been in steady retreat. Poland, Italy, Hungary, and Austria have elected nationalist governments, much to the chagrin of the EU globalists. Germany had a nationalist party enter the German parliament for the first time since World War II after Germany’s most recent election, and Sweden also saw its first nationalist party obtain sufficient representation in Sweden’s parliament that the other parties have been unable to form a government. France’s embattled globalist leader, Emmanuel Macron, is struggling to survive in office due to the fierce national opposition coalescing around the “yellow vest” revolt in his nation. In Germany, the party of globalist leader, Angela Merkel, performed so badly in regional elections even as the rightist German party gained significantly that she had to resign the leadership of her own political party in order to retain her position as Chancellor. In both France and the Netherlands, there are strong nationalist parties that could take power after the next national elections in those nations.

Last year, I did a post (fourth link) about the 2018 G-7 meetings in which the EU’s leaders “crashed” the G-7 meeting held in Canada. The G-7 meetings are technically scheduled to enable the elected leaders of seven major democracies to interact on an annual basis. However, the two top EU leaders were in attendance, even though the EU is not a nation state, is not a democracy and its two leaders are not elected by the citizens of any nation to any post. They were there to create a visual impression that the EU is, an “equal” to the major nation-states. Canada, which is governed by globalists, hosted the G-7 meeting and allowed them to come. I checked to see where the 2019 G-7 meeting will be held and learned it will be hosted by France (fifth link). Since France is governed by globalists, I would expect the EU leaders would again be allowed to crash the G-7 meetings, which is supposed to be for the elected leaders of major democracies. However, the EU leaders really do not merit inclusion in the G-7 meetings. Given the downgrade of the EU diplomatic status by the USA, I suspect that if the USA was hosting the G-7 meeting in 2019, that the EU leaders would not have been invited by President Trump to attend, as Trump is in the nationalist camp.

No doubt, the EU leadership is seething in Brussels over the American downgrade of the EU to that of “merely” an international organization. The EU leaders have made statements that they want their own military force and dream of the EU heading a European empire (sixth link and seventh link), a goal vehemently opposed by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and other European leaders (eighth link). The action by the Trump administration to downgrade the EU’s international status will also give heart to the nationalists in Europe who are becoming increasingly powerful.

These developments have clear ramifications from a biblical prophetic perspective. As I’ve noted in many previous posts, Revelation 17-18 foretell that in the latter days of our age a globalist cabal (called “Babylon the Great”) that dominates the nations will be overthrown by a rival alliance cryptically described as “the seven heads and ten horns” who will usher in a new global political/monetary system called “the beast.” Babylon the Great is revealed to be an incredibly corrupt cabal of insiders from both the public and private sectors (Revelation 18:2-3). In Revelation 17, Babylon the Great is also called “the Great Whore,” and the seven heads of the rival alliance that overthrow the Great Whore are revealed to be “seven mountains on which the woman sits” (emphasis added). In biblical terminology, the word “mountain” often identifies a nation so the “seven heads” that will overthrow the Great Whore/Babylon the Great, could easily be seven nations which “overthrow” the rule of the globalist cabals in democratic elections. The USA, by electing a nationalist leader, Donald Trump, could be one of those nations. Italy, which elected a Euro-skeptic, nationalist government in its most recent election, could be another such nation. Brazil, a major nation in the BRICS group (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) has just elected a very nationalist leader, Jair Bolsonaro, to be its next leader (ninth link). He is called “the Trump of the tropics,” and he is a fierce opponent of globalism and political correctness. If the British Brexit process results in a “no deal Brexit,” the United Kingdom would be another nation which “throws off” globalist rulership. If France removes Macron from power and elects the nationalists, it would be the fifth nation to “throw off” globalist rule. Poland, Hungary and Austria have already “thrown off” globalist rule by electing nationalist governments. More European nations may follow their example. It is not yet certain who the “seven heads” will be or which nations (or leaders) will constitute the “ten horns,” but we may be seeing this prophesied process in action already. At some point, a crisis point will be reached and a political/financial/monetary crisis will occur which will complete the overthrow of the globalist, Babylon the Great, system, as Revelation 17-18 foretell. This process may already be unfolding on the world scene in front of our eyes. Time will tell, but the prophecy in Revelation 17-18 will be fulfilled when God wants it to be fulfilled.

We do, indeed, live in very interesting times. For more information about the topics discussed above, I invite you to read my free articles, Is Babylon the Great about to Fall…Ushering in a New Beast System?, Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days? and The Babylonian Origin of the Modern Banking System

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As the British House of Commons prepares to vote on Prime Minister Teresa May’s proposed Brexit deal as early as next week, President Trump recently cast doubt on whether the United Kingdom will even be in a position to negotiate a bilateral trade deal with the US if May’s Brexit deal passes. The first link offers details about Trump’s statement, and it also includes denials from May’s government that the UK would be prevented from negotiating independent trade deals under May’s proposal.

As I understand it, Trump’s comments were based on his judgment that if May’s Brexit deal passes a Commons vote, the post-Brexit UK government may lack sufficient national sovereignty to negotiate with other sovereign governments around the world. Trump has a good point. As I understand it, May’s Brexit deal would result in the UK no longer have any say about the making of EU rules even though many EU rules would remain in force within the UK. If that is true (and I think it is), the United Kingdom would become little more than a colony of the EU. It would subject itself to EU rules even though the UK would no longer have any vote within the EU itself. This would be a situation far worse than the status quo, where EU rules are in effect within the UK but the UK does have a say over the making of EU rules. From my vantage point on the American side of the Atlantic Ocean, the long, independent sovereignty of the British people will be all but over if the House of Commons approves May’s surrender deal. It is widely reported that her deal is so unpopular that it is not likely to pass. I hope that proves to be the case.

Trump’s observation is based on the fact that in a state of subjection to the EU, the UK may have to obtain EU approval to negotiate a deal with the USA (or any other nation) and the EU may also claim that it must approve any post-Brexit, US-UK trade deal because such a deal would have an effect on EU rules within the UK. Who would decide if that is the case? If the UK remains voluntarily subject to EU rules but is not a member of the EU, it would seem that the European Court of Justice (the EU “Supreme Court”) could assert authority over all British government actions and decisions, and that the House of Commons would have little remaining authority over the United Kingdom. If May’s deal passes the House of Commons, it may render the House of Commons all but irrelevant within the UK and the ultimate authority over the British people will pass from London to Brussels.

The second link, from the British media, cites two former high-ranking British officials as supporting President Trump’s appraisal of the shrunken state of sovereignty the UK would have if May’s deal is approved. It cites both Sir Andrew Cohn, former British Trade Secretary, and Sir Michael Fallon, former British Defense Secretary, as sharing President Trump’s doubts about the UK’s freedom to negotiate trade deals with other sovereign nations if May’s deal is approved. The UK’s ability to negotiate bilateral trade deals after Brexit is critical to the UK’s economy. Other nations are ready to negotiate such deals (see the third link), but it isn’t clearly legally defined what authority the UK will retain over its own nation in the deal offered by May to the House of Commons. Her deal so diminishes British sovereignty and so empowers the EU over internal British affairs that it is not impossible that the EU, at some future point, may appoint a kind of “Viceroy” to administer the UK after May’s deal surrenders much sovereignty to the EU in Brussels. My previous post discussed German Chancellor Merkel’s demand that nations must surrender their sovereignty to globalist entities such as the EU. One obvious consequence of surrendering national sovereignty to a globalist power is that control over national military forces will eventually be transferred to globalist entitles like the EU. If May’s Brexit deal is passed by the House of Commons, I wonder how long it will be until the UK is ordered by Brussels to surrender control of its nuclear weapons to EU generals. If May’s deal passes, then the UK will be subject to many EU rules and jurisdictions, but it would retain no voting rights within the EU itself. The UK would, therefore, clearly be the least sovereign of any nation within the EU. How can it assert the right to control its nuclear weapons and military forces any longer if it has yielded its ultimate sovereignty to the EU?

Those who have read my books, articles, and blog know that the British people are the descendants of the ancient Israelite tribe of Ephraim and that the USA is the modern nation formed by the descendants of the Israelite tribe of Manasseh. This used to be understood by many within Victorian England, but this knowledge has largely faded from modern awareness. However, it is still probably true. God originally gave a “birthright” promise to Abraham and promised he would be the father of many nations (Genesis 17:1-7). This birthright blessing was passed via Isaac and Jacob (renamed “Israel”) to the sons of Joseph, named Ephraim and Manasseh (Genesis 48:14-49:2, 22-26). Jacob/Israel prophesied that they would grow into large nations (“a multitude”) and that, specifically in the latter days, Ephraim would become a company or multitude of nations and that Manasseh would be one single great nation (Genesis 48:19-49:2). Genesis 21:12 prophesied the birthright descendants of Abraham would be known by the name of Isaac. After the tribes of Israel went into exile in the 8th century BC, they were known by the name of Sacae by the Greeks and Saka by the Persians (both preserved the root word of Isaac in their names). The Romans later called these people the Saxons, the name they have borne ever since. The British and Americans are, indeed, brother nations with a common culture and language, which would be expected of “brother” tribes. The dominance of the British and American nations during the 19th-21st centuries resulted from Divine grace: they were given the “birthright” blessings just as the Bible prophesied. The Bible has many pieces of evidence confirming these national origins as does secular history. One biblical clue about the tribe of Ephraim is very specific to the modern British people. Judges 12 records a narrative about a war between the Ephraimites and Manassehites. They looked so alike that the victorious Manassehites relied on one key genetic trait of the Ephraimite tribe; the Ephraimites “dropped their h’s” in conversation. In the modern world, no people are so known for their genetic trait of dropping their h’s as are the British people. This is so well-known that the musical, My Fair Lady, included it in its content. The DNA doesn’t lie. The modern Ephraimites still “drop their h’s.”

Much of the envy of the world toward the British and American nations is actually, an envy of the divine birthright these nations have inherited. Teresa May seems poised to surrender the birthright of the British people to the EU. If the British surrender it, they may never get it back in this age. Esau (Edom) originally had the birthright blessing from Abraham, but he sold it to Jacob/Israel for a bowl of soup (Genesis 25:29-34) and never got it back (Genesis 27). At least Esau got a bowl of hot soup when he sold his birthright. Teresa May seems ready to give away the British birthright for nothing in return! I very much hope that this does not occur, but it will if the British House of Commons votes to approve May’s surrender deal to the EU. We should not have much longer to wait to see if it does occur.

For more detailed information about the Israelite tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh, I urge you to read the full documentation in my books (available at the homepage of this website). Some information is available in my free articles, The Tribe of Joseph and the “Latter Days,” Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days and The USA in Biblical Prophecy.


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If there was ever any doubt about the agenda of Germany’s Angela Merkel, she has now made it crystal clear what her agenda for Europe really is. Her vision of Europe’s future should worry every person who loves freedom and liberty.

In a recent speech, Merkel stated that nation-states must “give up their sovereignty” (first link). She also added that national leaders “must not listen to the will of their citizens” on important matters. The link alludes to Adolf Hitler as it reports about Merkel’s “dark speech” offering her concept for the future for Europe. Her dictatorial, anti-democratic approach to the future of Europe ought to scare every peace-loving and freedom-loving person in Europe’s nations. Her statement is tantamount to calling for European nation states to simply cease to exist in favor of a supernational, globalist government. Her stark and open advocacy for a domineering European super-government sounds ominous to me. The last time a German leader was so open and stark about the need for Europe’s nations to relinquish their sovereignty to a German leader’s wishes, it led to World War II. Merkel’s dictatorial demands are so breathtakingly candid that they deserve a very candid analysis.

Her totalitarian utterances must have sent chills through many of the new nation states all across Eastern Europe who have enjoyed a reassertion of their own independence and nationalistic culture only since 1990 when the Soviet Union disintegrated and the iron hand of Communism was removed from their nations. Her call for all the leaders of European nations to surrender their national sovereignties to a new globalist “Fuhrer” entity might have many European cabinets meeting secretly to determine if the United Kingdom had the right idea to leave the EU before the EU became even more tyrannical. Indeed, Merkel’s brazen advocacy of ending the national sovereignties of Europe’s nations was so stark I wonder if she either (A) actually thinks Europe’s nations and peoples are ready for a new “iron boot” to be placed on their necks, or (B) her loose lips were a result of too many alcoholic drinks before her speech. At least the globalist, autocratic urges that are within her heart were honestly stated for all to see. It is inherent in any call for nations in Europe to “give up their sovereignty” that she is also calling for all EU nations to transfer control of their respective military forces to a centralized German-dominated, EU authority. That ought to scare anyone who knows the history of the 20th century.

Merkel’s fellow globalist leader, President Macron of France, has also stated his intentions for the future of Europe. The first link cites Macron as saying “patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism [because] nationalism is treason.” Wow! Is this ever a classic example of Orwellian double-speak. It is a classic example of “calling evil good and good evil.” Europe’s two globalist leaders sound a lot alike in their totalitarian, condescending, haughty approach to the people and nations of Europe. Macron is in deep political trouble within his own nation and his approval rating among French voters was down in the low 20s the last I noticed. The revolt of the “yellow vests” on many consecutive weekends in French cities shows the depth of the French electorate’s disgust with Macron’s agenda and with Macron himself. If the next French election were being held soon, Macron’s chance of being re-elected would be essentially zero. I wonder what Charles de Gaulle would think of Macron’s assertion that modern Frenchmen who were patriotic and nationalist in behalf of the French nation were committing “treason?”

Consider to whom Merkel wants the nations of Europe to yield their national sovereignties. Her statement indicates that she wants all of them to become subject peoples to the EU’s unelected bureaucrats and EU leaders who are not elected by Europe’s citizens but rather chosen by Europe’s globalist elites. When one looks at the EU’s organizational structure, it is clear it was structured so the EU leaders would never have to face a vote of the European citizenry or be accountable to them. The second link makes it clear Merkel wants the nations of Europe to meekly surrender to the rule of the EU leaders. Merkel has bluntly told the elected leaders of Europe’s nations to surrender governance of their nations to new EU bosses appointed by Merkel, Macron and their fellow globalists.  Can you think of any other way her bluntly anti-democratic demands could be implemented? The second link also mentions Merkel’s “Marxist” history as growing up in Communist East Germany and being a Deputy Spokesperson for the final East Germany government before it merged into West Germany and became today’s united Germany. The fact that her roots were in a totalitarian nation bother me more now that she has made such a brazen call for the surrender of all European national sovereignties to an all-powerful centralized EU. Her totalitarian roots are showing.

The second link observes that Merkel “drove Britain out of the EU,” and that she “alienated” Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria against a centralized EU. You could add Italy to that list as Merkel’s demands that immigrants be allowed to pour into Europe also resulted in a Euro-skeptic government being elected in that nation.  Sweden also had a Euro-skeptic party win enough seats in the most recent Swedish election that that nation still has been unable to form a new government as of this writing. Germany and France also have growing anti-immigrant, Euro-skeptic parties. The rightist party in Germany, the Alternative for Germany (AfD) is often labeled by the globalists as a right-wing danger to the nation. However, after reading about Merkel’s shockingly totalitarian demands upon the nations of Europe, I’d say the real danger of resurgent fascism in Germany lies with Merkel herself. Macron, who states that it is “treason” to be patriotic to one’s own nation, is her fellow-traveler in this dangerous philosophy. Macron sounds “out of touch” not only with his own French voters but also with reality itself.

Given the growing threats to national sovereignty and personal liberties now posed by Merkel, Macron and the EU, I’m glad I don’t live in Europe right now. 

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As 2019 begins, the Mideast, always a global region with internal threats and turmoil, has just become what I call a “cauldron of uncertainty.” Very odd developments have just taken place and more may be coming. This post will offer readers updates on some of the recent developments, my thoughts on the matter and also a biblical perspective on what we may be witnessing.

No doubt, all readers are aware that US President Trump shocked everyone by announcing that, as Commander in Chief, he was going to bring US troops home from Syrian deployments. This reportedly caught America’s allies and Trump’s own generals by surprise. No one seemed able to convince him to reconsider his decision. He certainly caught me by surprise as well! It was my understanding that the US deployment into Eastern Syria had two purposes: the first was to “bomb the hell out of ISIS” (Trump’s own words, I think) and the second was to provide a blocking force in the region so a contiguous Shiite Arc did not form all the way from Iran to the Mediterranean Sea via Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon. If this Shiite Arc forms, Iran and Russia will be able to cooperate in building ports on the Eastern Mediterranean shore and base warships in Syrian ports and base armies and warplanes from Tehran to Beirut. This would greatly embolden Iran into thinking they are being positioned to annihilate Israel…as they have stated is their intention. Before allowing their small nation to be obliterated or overrun, Israel would almost certainly have to launch a preemptive strike and we could see the entire Mideast in flames. The presence of US forces allied to the Kurds in Eastern Syria was preventing this from happening. If Trump actually pulls all US forces out of Syria, a massive war is made much more likely and that war could see the US deploying its forces right back into the Mideast to support Israel and the Sunni nations.

All leaders make good and bad decisions. I think Trump has made many good decisions up to now. I think he has just made a bad one. In ignoring the advice of all close advisors, generals and apparently allies, Trump has ignored the wisdom of Proverbs 11:13 which states that “…in the multitude of counselors there is safety.” He seems to have made this decision with no counselors at all. His decision likely shocked the Kurds the most. The Kurds have been the most loyal ally the USA had in the war against ISIS and the Kurds were most honorable in how they sheltered and defended Sunnis, Christians, Azidis and anyone else who was fleeing from ISIS. The Kurds “stood in the gap” on behalf of everyone hazarding their lives in a war against ISIS until the USA began to offer help. Obama’s support was half-hearted, at best, but Trump lived up to his promise to “bomb the hell out of ISIS” and his vehement action vs. ISIS emboldened the Kurds to fight alongside the USA in its objectives. The Kurds, no doubt, surely thought that the USA would protect Kurdish interests. Instead, Trump has made a decision which abandons a close and loyal ally. This action, if carried out, will weaken the trust of every ally of the USA has in the world (first link). When I worked in a governmental position in my younger days, a wise political ally gave me this advice: “Always leave the dance with them who brung you.” His advice was very cogent. It translates into the equivalent of  “never abandon your friends and your allies.” Trump is in danger of getting on the wrong side of this solid advice.

Turkey, ever the enemy of the Kurds had been held back from their often-expressed desire to invade Kurdish regions in Syria or Iraq due to the US-Kurdish alliance in the Mideast. It is my view that Turkey not only has a deep animus vs. the Kurds but, under Erdogan, also wants to recover as much of the old Ottoman Empire as possible. Turkey quickly indicated it would invade Eastern Syrian Kurdish regions as soon as the US forces left the area. Feeling their oats, Turkey also all but ordered the French troops fighting in the region alongside the Americans and Kurds to leave as well (second link). The Kurds saw their mortal danger and, no longer able to trust the USA, quickly sought a new ally in the region to ensure their own safety and survival. The Kurds invited President Assad of Syria to send his forces to the Kurdish region of Syria threatened by Turkey–offering Assad a de facto alliance with the Kurds. Syria, likely amazed by the turn of events in their favor, quickly accepted the Kurds’ offer and rushed Syrian troops to defend a key Kurdish city, Manjib, from Turkey’s threatened invasion. The third link, fourth link and fifth link offer British, German and Kurdish media viewpoints on this developing Kurdish-Syrian alliance. Although Syrian state TV announced Syrian forces had entered the center of Manjib, foreign media have reported that Syrian troops have actually taken up a protective position outside the city and reported also that joint US-Kurdish military patrols are still taking place at Manjib.

Now the situation really gets confused. Even though Turkey warned the French to leave the Kurdish region, the French dug in their heels and stated they would not abandon the Kurds (sixth link). Also, reports indicate that there is no actual retreat date set yet for the US troops so we have a bizarre situation centered at the Kurdish/Syrian town of Manjib. Manjib is protected by Kurdish forces, Iranian-aligned Syrian forces and troops from two NATO allies, the USA and France. They are all protecting the Kurds and Manjib from being invaded by another NATO nation, Turkey. This situation is bizarre, indeed.

Trump’s announcement that ISIS had been defeated and that he would immediately withdraw US troops from Syria must have had Tehran, Damascus, and Moscow rejoicing at their good fortunes. Trump’s action greatly aided the desire of Russia and Iran to build their desired Shiite Arc from Tehran to Beirut. Trump had denounced Obama’s nuclear and cash surrender deal with Iran as the worst deal ever, and Trump was entirely right in my view. However, Trump’s announcement of withdrawing US forces from Syria helped Iran as much as Obama’s deal because it would enable Iran to deploy its military forces right up to Israel’s border unimpeded. If anything, Trump, in my opinion, could have logically announced the withdrawal of all US forces not from Syria but from Afghanistan. The USA has wasted immense money, lost many lives and worn out its military equipment in Afghanistan and Iraq for many years. The USA has no vital interests in Afghanistan and has no natural allies in the region. In Eastern Syria, the USA has vital interests and strong natural allies in the region (Israel, Sunni Arab nations and the Kurds). Both the British Empire and the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan and, realizing they had entered a geopolitical quicksand pit, left Afghanistan (which isn’t so much a nation as a region on the map occupied by perpetually warring tribes). The USA continues to inexplicably “throw good money after bad” by staying in Afghanistan.

Trump may be reconsidering his decision. The seventh link relates that Trump is now going to “slowly” withdraw troops from Eastern Syria; a phrase that could be redefined to mean anything as time goes by. On the other hand, an Iranian ally, Syria, has announced it is giving fellow Iranian ally, Iraq, the right to attack ISIS positions in Eastern Syria (eighth link). I think the motive for this action is obvious. Sensing a huge opportunity given to them by Trump, Iran is telling both its allies to “join forces” in Eastern Syria to establish its long-desired Shiite Arc across Syria and Iraq to Lebanon before Trump sees the danger and changes his mind.

However, the plot thickens as uncertainties are numerous in the Mideast now. Mideastern media reports indicate Trump may not have abandoned the Kurds after all. The ninth link, from Al Jazeera, reports that the USA may be giving a lot of American weaponry, including such heavy weapons as anti-tank weapons, heavy mortars, and armored vehicles to the Kurds. The anti-tank weapons would be very effective against Turkish tanks if they invaded regions inhabited by Kurds in either Iraq or Syria, and this report adds this development would “incense” Turkey.  It has. The tenth link is from a Turkish news source that is reported by Wikipedia as being very closely aligned with President Erdogan of Turkey (eleventh link).  It identifies the Kurdish allies of the USA inside Syria as being “terrorists,” and reports that the USA has given the Kurds either “150” or “500” truckloads of weapons in a single week (both figures are cited in the article).

I’m sure that many secret and confidential calls have been made all over the Mideast as the above events have unfolded. Where this “cauldron of uncertainties” will lead is unclear, so we will have to keep watching to learn how this unexpectedly unusual Mideastern drama ends.  I’d like to conclude with a biblical observation. Proverbs 21:1 states that the “heart” of kings (i.e. national leaders) is in “the Lord’s hand,” and that “he turns it whithersoever he will.” Sometimes all presumed human logic goes out the window as rulers do things that God inspires them to do to fulfill his will. Ezra 1:1 and II Chronicles 36:22-23 state that God directly moved the mind of King Cyrus of Persia to allow Jews to return to Jerusalem to fulfill a prophecy in Jeremiah. This likely shocked all of Cyrus’ advisors. When the UN had voted to partition Palestine and give the Jews a homeland in their old Promised Land, President Harry Truman went against the counsel of his advisors and top generals when he recognized the independence of the new state of Israel. It was time to fulfill the prophecy of Zephaniah 2 that the Jewish nation would again be founded in their old homeland during the “latter days” of our age, so I believe it was God who put that thought into Truman’s mind at that time. Is there anything in Trump’s sudden decision that could facilitate another fulfillment of a latter-day prophecy? We don’t know for sure, but I see one possibility. Many prophecies indicate that another Jewish Temple will be built at the end of our age (Daniel 9:23-27, Matthew 24:15 and Revelation 11:1-2; the “holy place” can only be in a Temple), and the only location acceptable to the Jews is on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. So far, such a thing has not been politically possible. However, Trump’s announcement has likely shaken the trust of the USA in many Sunni allies of America, and, like the Kurds, they may be searching for a new strong ally. It has been reported for years that a formal Israeli-Sunni alliance is in the making, and Trump’s decision may accelerate this process. The Sunni Arab nations need a nuclear-armed ally. If Israel places a nuclear shield over the Sunni Arab nations to protect them from an eventual nuclear Iran, Israel’s price may be the right to build a new Jewish Temple on the Temple Mount. If such a thing happened, it would greatly accelerate latter-day prophetic fulfillment. If a Temple site was dedicated, the daily sacrifices could be started soon afterward. It is possible that these sacrifices might begin as soon as the Temple site was dedicated and the Holy Place of the Temple was sited. The sending of God’s final Two Witnesses who will wield incredible Divine power seems to be triggered by some event taking place at the Temple site in the latter days (Revelation 11:1-13).

I’m making no specific predictions, but we may be on the cusp of major events. For more information on above-mentioned topics, please read my free articles, Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days?, Four Reasons the Jews are Judahand The Two Witnesses


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